Mountain saucer-flower Crusea diversifolia, copyright Sue Carnahan.

Belongs within: Spermacoceae.

Crusea, saucer flowers, is a genus of small annual plants found in southern North America.

    |--C. coronata F79
    `--+--+--C. coccinea F79
       |  |    |--C. c. var. breviloba F79
       |  |    `--+--C. c. var. coccinea F79
       |  |       `--C. c. var. chiriquensis F79
       |  `--C. megalocarpa F79
       `--+--C. diversifolia F79
          `--+--C. lucida F79
             `--+--C. parvifolia F79
                |--C. psyllioides F79
                `--+--C. calcicola F79
                   |--C. setosa F79
                   `--+--C. wrightii var. wrightii F79
                      `--+--C. longiflora F79
                         `--+--C. wrightii var. angustifolia F79
                            `--+--C. calocephala F79
                               `--C. hispida F79
                                    |--C. h. var. hispida F79
                                    `--C. h. var. grandiflora F79

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F79] Farris, J. S. 1979. Review: Cladistics and Plant Systematics. Systematic Zoology 28 (3): 400–411.

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