Deutonymphs of Uroobovella marginatus on red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, from Porcelli et al. (2009). Legend from source: a, phoretic deutonymphs on pygidium; b, mites tethered (black arrows) on thorax and head; c, d, phoretic form from dorsum and venter, respectively, black arrow on terminal anus; e, left stigma; f, deutonymph: black arrow on left chelicera; g, conidia of Curvularia attached to shield seta of a deutonymph.

Belongs within: Uropodoidea.

Uroobovella is a genus of uropodoid mites in which both sexes have pedofossae and accessory setae in the intercoxal region. Metapodal lines are present and the female genital shield often bears an anterior projection in species of the subgenus Fuscuropoda; both these features are absent in the type subgenus (Evans & Till 1979). Species of Uroobovella may primarily feed on fungi and organic debris in animal nests and insect galleries (Lindquist et al. 2009).

Characters (from Evans & Till 1979): Dorsal shield not divided. Levator tendon of movable digit of chelicera with sclerotised node. Palpfemur with five setae. Forked pilus dentis absent. Both sexes with accessory setae in the intercoxal region and pedofossae. Femur I with nine setae; genu I with a pair of ventral setae; genu III and IV without ventral setae.

<==Uroobovella Berlese 1903 [incl. Austruropoda Womersley 1955] H98
    |--*U. (Uroobovella) obovata (Canestrini & Berlese 1884) [=Uropoda obovata] ET79
    `--U. (Fuscuropoda Vitzthum 1924) ET79 [incl. Pseuduropoda Oudemans 1936 FH93]
         |--U. (*F.) marginatus (Koch 1839) H98, ET79, H98 [=Notaspis marginata H98, Uropoda (*F.) marginata ET79]
         |--‘Fuscouropoda’ agitans WP98
         |--‘Fuscuropoda’ moneta (Gervais in Walckenaer 1844) [=Uropoda moneta] FH93
         |--‘Fuscuropoda’ tricuspis Sellnick 1973 FH93
         `--U. (F.) vegetans (DeGeer 1768) LKW09, FH93 (see below for synonymy)

Uroobovella incertae sedis:
  U. ambigua Hirschmann 1979 FH93
  U. assatomarginata VKC07
  U. attaae Hirschmann 1972 FH93
  U. australiensis Wisniewski & Hirschmann 1992 H98
  U. australiobovata Zirngiebl-Nicol & Hirschmann 1975 H98
  U. australiovalis Zirngiebl-Nicol & Hirschmann 1975 H98
  U. bicarinata Trägårdh 1931 T31
  U. cassida Fox 1948 FH93
  U. coprophila (Womersley 1960) [=Cilliba coprophila] H98
  U. cribraria (Ewing 1909) [=Uropoda cribraria] FH93
  U. cristobalensis Hirschmann 1979 FH93
  U. cylliboides Hull 1923 (n. d.) [=Urobovella (l. c.) cylliboides] H98
  U. danyii Kontschán 2007 K07
  U. decui Huţu 1977 FH93
  U. elimata T31
  U. faceta VKC07
  U. fimicola (Berlese 1903) EU03
  U. flagelligerformis Hirschmann 1979 FH93
  U. folsomi (Ewing 1909) [=Uropoda folsomi] FH93
  U. hamata Hirschmann 1979 FH93
  U. japonica VKC07
  U. levis Pearse & Wharton in Pearse, Patterson et al. 1936 FH93
  U. ligulaformis Hirschmann 1979 FH93
  U. magna Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1977 L86
  U. marmorea LKW09
  U. mazatlana Hirschmann 1979 FH93
  U. mexicana Hirschmann 1979 FH93
  U. michiganensis (Vitzthum 1926) [=Uropoda michiganensis] FH93
  U. moseri Hirschmann 1972 FH93
  U. negreai Huţu 1977 FH93
  U. notabilis S61
  U. orri Hirschmann 1972 [=Nenteria orri Moser & Roton 1972 (n. n.)] FH93
  U. orrisimilis Zirngiebl-Nicol & Hirschmann 1975 H98
  U. pearsei (Wharton 1938) [=Uropoda pearsei] FH93
  U. peteti (Coineau & Travé 1964) K07
  U. pyriformis LKW09
  U. sellnickivillosella Hirschmann 1979 FH93
  U. setosa Pearse & Wharton in Pearse, Patterson et al. 1936 FH93
  U. similizairensis Hirschmann 1981 FH93
  U. spinosa Pearse & Wharton in Pearse, Patterson et al. 1936 FH93
  U. spinulipes (Canestrini 1884) [=Uropoda spinulipes, Centrouropoda spinulipes] H98
  U. tamena Hirschmann 1979 FH93
  U. tasmanica (Womersley 1955) [=Austruropoda tasmanica] H98
  U. treati Hirschmann 1980 FH93

Uroobovella (Fuscuropoda) vegetans (DeGeer 1768) LKW09, FH93 [=Acarus vegetans FH93, Cilliba vegetans S61, Cyllibano vegetans S22, Ixodes (Uropoda) vegetans G20, *Pseudouropoda vegetans E57, Uropoda vegetans E57; incl. Uropoda obscura S61]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 7 April 2021.

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