Deutonymph of Myianoetus, copyright Olivier9099.

Belongs within: Astigmatina.
Contains: Histiostoma.

The Histiostomatidae are a group of astigmatan mites found on wet substrates, most commonly feeding by filtering organic particles and microorganisms from the water film (OConnor 2009).

Characters (from OConnor 2009): Adult with body not dorsoventrally flattened; chelicerae laterally compressed, often attenuate, usually with numerous finely divided teeth, nonchelate; palpi with terminal solenidion and usually at least one elongate eupathidial seta, normal setae strongly reduced, usually reflexed outward; genital papillae ring-like, usually not directly associated with the genital opening; female genital valves fused to body posteriorly, open anteriorly forming a transverse oviporus. Deutonymph with Legs III–IV with femur-genu-tibia-tarsus partially or completely fused; legs III–IV flexed at trochanter-femur articulation and directed anteriorly in repose; rostral and lamellar pairs of setae absent; setae 4b absent.

<==Histiostomatidae [Anoeteae, Anoetidae, Anoetoidea, Histiostomina] W07
    |--Bonomoia W07
    `--+--+--Pelzneria W07
       |  `--Myianoetus Oudemans 1929 W07, H98 [incl. Anoetostoma Womersley 1941 H98]
       |       |--M. dyucei Fain & Domrow 1980 H98
       |       |--M. muscarum A-B91
       |       |--M. oudemansi (Womersley 1941) [=Anoestostoma oudemansi, Anoetostoma oudemansi] H98
       |       `--M. travei Fain 1976 F76
       `--+--Glyphanoetus W07
          |--+--Aphodanoetus W07
          |  `--+--Rhopalanoetus W07
          |     `--Spinanoetus W07
          `--Histiostoma W07

Histiostomatidae incertae sedis:
  Hexanoetus O09
  Ameranoetus P90
  Anoetus O09
    |--A. fimetarius (Canestrini & Berlese 1881) [=Histiostoma fimetarium, Hypopus fimetarius] V25
    |--A. gladiger V25
    |--A. lorentzi Oudemans 1905 V25
    |--A. muscarum V25
    `--A. toxopei Oudemans 1927 O28
  Copronomoia O09
  Tensiostoma veliaphilum O09
  Fibulanoetus O09
  Peripatetes O09
  Scolianoetus O09
  Kanoetus O09
  Curculanoetus O09
  Chiloanoetus O09
  Prowichmannia O09
  Nepenthanoetus O09
  Loxanoetus Fain 1970 H98
    `--L. lenae Domrow & Ladds 1984 H98
  Otanoetus O09
  Amyzanoetus Fain 1976 F76
    `--*A. halophilus Fain 1976 F76
  Comyianoetus O09
  Xenanoetus kofrankova O09
  Chiropteranoetus Womersley 1942 H98
    `--C. chalinolobus Womersley 1942 H98
  Austranoetus Fain 1976 F76
    `--*A. kerguelenensis Fain 1976 F76

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[F76] Fain, A. 1976. Acariens récoltés par le Dr. J. Travé aux iles subantarctiques II. Familles Acaridae, Anoetidae, Ereynetidae et Tarsonemidae (astigmates et prostigmates). Acarologia 18 (2): 302–328.

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