Odontomyia sp., copyright Muhammad Mahdi Karim.

Belongs within: Stratiomyidae.

The Stratiomyini are a group of soldier flies with the antenna lacking an apical stylus, and vein A1 in the wing straight. They may be divided between tribes Stratiomyini sensu stricto and Odontomyiini based on whether the antenna has five (Stratiomyini) or six (Odontomyiini) flagellomeres (James 1981) but this division is not recognised below, following Woodley (2009). Members of the Stratiomyini often resemble bees or wasps and may frequent flowers as adults (Woodley 2009).

Characters (from James 1981, as Stratiomyini + Odontomyiini): Antennal flagellum with five or six flagellomeres, not aristate. Scutellum with spines (sometimes minute). Wing with crossvein m-cu present; cell d present; A1 not at all sinuous. Abdomen at least three-quarters as wide as long, usually patterned.

<==Stratiomyini [Odontomyiini] W09
    |--Psellidotus johnsoni [=Labostigmina johnsoni] W09
    |--Panamamyia silbergliedi W09
    |--Stratiomyella nana W09
    |--Chloromelas W09
    |--Zuerchermyia [=Zuercheria (preoc.)] W09
    |    `--Z. bequaerti W09
    |--Anoplodonta W09
    |    |--A. fratella W09
    |    `--A. nigrirostris J81
    |--Promeranisa W09
    |    |--P. nasuta W09
    |    `--P. varipes W09
    |--Hoplitimyia W09
    |    |--H. constans W09
    |    |--H. inbioensis W09
    |    `--H. subalba W09
    |--Hedriodiscus W09
    |    |--H. binotatus W09
    |    |--H. dorsalis W09
    |    |--H. trivittatus W09
    |    `--H. truquii W09
    |--Stratiomys W09
    |    |--S. badia M90
    |    |--S. barbata W09
    |    |--S. chamaeleon L02
    |    |--S. constricta W09
    |    |--S. convexa W09
    |    |--S. longicornis [=Hirtea longicornis] L02
    |    |--S. norma W09
    |    |--S. potamida I92
    |    `--S. strigata L02
    `--Odontomyia W09
         |--O. cincta W09
         |--O. discolorata W09
         |--O. (Odontomyia) furcata [=Stratiomys (O.) furcata] G20
         |--O. hydroleon K01
         |--O. (Catatasina) interrupta J81
         |--O. limbata Macquart 1847 E12
         |--O. ornata K01
         |--O. pilimana W09
         |--O. scutellata CM91
         |--O. (Odontomyiina) virgo J81
         `--O. viridula K01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 1 January 2021.

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