Discus ruderatus, photographed by O. Gargominy.

Belongs within: Pulmonata.
Contains: Succineidae, Achatinellidae, Cochlicopoidea, Pupilloidea, Enoidea, Partula, Clausilioidea, Acavoidea, Helicoidea, Achatinoidea, Streptaxidae, Rhytidoidea, Orthalicoidea, Arionoidea, Testacelloidea, Gastrodontoidea, Limacoidea, Parmacelloidea, Helicarionidae, Ariophantidae, Urocyclidae, Charopidae, Punctidae.

The Stylommatophora are a major group of terrestrial snails, characterised by the possession of four retractable cephalic tentacles with eyes on the tips of the posterior tentacles.

See also: I's been ejucated, now I can haz snails pleez? Kthnx.

<==Stylommatophora [Achatinina, Achatinoinei, Ataeniae, Haplogona, Oxygnatha, Geocochlides]
    |  i. s.: Obba BR05
    |         Phasis BR05
    |--Elasmognatha [Heterurethra] BR05
    |    |--Succineidae BR05
    |    `--Athoracophoridae [Athoracophoracea, Athoracophoroidea] BR05
    |         |--Aneitea Gray 1860 [Aneiteadae, Aneiteidae, Aneiteinae] BR05
    |         `--Athoracophorinae BR05
    |              |--Athoracophorus Gould 1852 BR05
    |              `--‘Janella’ Gray 1850 non Grateloup 1838 [Janellidae, Janellinae] BR05
    |--Orthurethra [Dicera, Dicerae, Partulacea] BR05
    |    |--Achatinellidae BR05
    |    |--Cochlicopoidea BR05
    |    |--Pupilloidea BR05
    |    |--Enoidea BR05
    |    `--Partuloidea BR05
    |         |--Partula BR05
    |         `--Draparnaudia Montrouzier 1859 [Draparnaudiidae, Draparnaudiinae] BR05
    `--Sigmurethra [Agnathomorpha, Mesurethra] BR05
         |  i. s.: Clausilioidea BR05
         |         Papilloderma Wiktor, Martin & Castillejo 1990 (see below for synonymy) BR05
         |         Acavoidea BR05
         |         Helicoidea BR05
         |         Aillyidae [Aillyida, Aillyoidea] BR05
         |           |--Aillya Odhner 1927 BR05
         |           `--Prestonella Connolly 1929 [Prestonellidae] BR05
         |         Plectopyloidea BR05
         |           |--Corilla Adams & Adams 1855 [Corillacea, Corillidae, Corillinae] BR05
         |           |--Sculptaria Pfeiffer 1855 [Sculptariidae, Sculptariinae] BR05
         |           `--Plectopylis Benson 1860 [Plectopylidae] BR05
         |                |--P. achatina (Gray in Pfeiffer 1845) (see below for synonymy) TC89
         |                |--P. andersoni (Blanford 1869) [=Helix (Plectopylis) andersoni] TC89
         |                `--P. feddeni (Blanford 1865) [=Helix (Plectopylis) feddeni] TC89
         |         Sagdidae [Sagdoidea, Teleophalla, Teleophallogona] BR05
         |           |--Sagda Beck 1837 [Sagdinae] BR05
         |           |--Aquebana Pilsbry 1926 [Aquebaninae] BR05
         |           |--Platysuccinea Ancey 1881 [Platysuccineinae] BR05
         |           |--Yunquea Baker 1940 [Yunqueinae] BR05
         |           |--Cysticopsis BR05
         |           `--Pararhytida BR05
         |--Holopodopes BR05
         |    |--Achatinoidea BR05
         |    |--Streptaxidae BR05
         |    |--Rhytidoidea BR05
         |    `--Orthalicoidea BR05
         `--Aulacopoda BR05
              |--Arionoidea BR05
              |--Testacelloidea BR05
              |--Limacacea S88
              |    |--Staffordia Godwin-Austen 1907 [Staffordiidae, Staffordiinae, Staffordioidea] BR05
              |    |--Gastrodontoidea BR05
              |    |--Zonites Montfort 1810 [Zonitacea, Zonitidae, Zonitinae, Zonitoidea] BR05
              |    |--Limacoidea BR05
              |    |--Parmacelloidea BR05
              |    |--Dyakiidae [Dyakioidea] BR05
              |    |    |--Dyakia Godwin-Austen 1891 [Dyakiinae, Dyakiini, Dyakinae] BR05
              |    |    |--Sasakina Rensch 1930 [=Sasakia Rensch 1930 non Moore 1896; Sasakinae, Sasakininae] BR05
              |    |    `--Pseudoplecta Laidlaw 1932 [Pseudoplectinae] BR05
              |    `--Helicarionoidea [Helicarionacea] BR05
              |         |--Helicarionidae BR05
              |         |--Ariophantidae BR05
              |         `--Urocyclidae BR05
              `--Punctoidea BR05
                   |--Anastomopsis Sandberger 1871 [=Anostomopsis (l. c.); Anastomopsidae, Anostomopsidae] BR05
                   |--Charopidae BR05
                   |--Cystopelta Tate 1881 [Cystopeltidae, Cystopeltinae] BR05
                   |--Endodontidae [Endodontacea] BR05
                   |    |--Endodonta Albers 1850 [Endodontinae] BR05
                   |    |    `--E. (Thaunatodon) contorta [incl. Helix intercarinata Mighels 1845] J49
                   |    `--Radiodiscus (Radioconus) bactricola B59
                   |--Oreohelix Pilsbry 1904 [Oreohelicidae, Oreohelicinae] BR05
                   |--Thyrophorella Greef 1882 [Thyrophorellidae, Thyrophorelloidea] BR05
                   |--Punctidae BR05
                   |--Discidae BR05
                   |    |--Gonyodiscus Fitzinger 1833 (see below for synonymy) BR05
                   |    |--Anguispira Morse 1864 [Anguispiridae] BR05
                   |    `--Discus Fitzinger 1833 (see below for synonymy) BR05
                   |         |--D. cronkhitei G59
                   |         `--D. ruderatus (Férussac 1821) HM07
                   `--Helicodiscidae BR05
                        |--Polygyriscus Pilsbry 1948 S88
                        |--Stenopylis Fulton 1914 BR05 [incl. Coarctatio Haas 1945 S88; Stenopylidae, Stenopylinae]
                        |    `--S. coarctata (Moellendorff in Quadras & Moellendorff 1894) (see below for synonymy) KKW12
                        `--Helicodiscus Morse 1864 [Helicodiscinae] BR05
                             |  i. s.: H. parallelus G59
                             |         H. singleyanus G59
                             |--H. (Hebetodiscus Baker 1929) S88
                             `--H. (Pseudiscus Morrison 1942) S88

Discus Fitzinger 1833 [incl. Patula Held 1837; Discinae, Patulacea, Patulidae, Patulinae] BR05

Gonyodiscus Fitzinger 1833 [=Goniodiscus (l. c.) non Müller & Troschel 1842; Goniodiscinae, Gonyodiscinae] BR05

Wiktor, Martin & Castillejo 1990 [Papillodermatidae, Papillodermatoidea, Papillodermidae] BR05

Plectopylis achatina (Gray in Pfeiffer 1845) [=Helix (Plectopylis) achatina; incl. H. repercussa Gould 1856] TC89

Stenopylis coarctata (Moellendorff in Quadras & Moellendorff 1894) [=Plectopylis coarctata; incl. Planispira hemiclausa Tate 1894, Helix (Polygyra) microdiscus Bavay 1908] KKW12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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