Weymouthia cochlearifolia, photographed by Juan Larraín.

Belongs within: Hypnales.

The Lembophyllaceae are a family of mostly epiphytic mosses found predominantly in the Southern Hemisphere, species of which generally have a weft-forming or pendent growth form. A stipitate-frondose growth habit, with leaves that differ between stipes, frond axes and branches, is found in members of the genus Camptochaete.

See also: The trials and tribulations of tree moss.

Characters (from Quandt et al. 2000): Leaves ovate-oblong, concave; rhombic apical cells; prorate, usually linear mid-laminal cells; differentiated basal and alar cells; short, mostly double costae. Exserted capsules on smooth setae; hypnoid peristome; calyptrae narrow, cucullate, mostly smooth.

    |--Fallaciella Crum 1991 SK02
    |    `--F. gracilis (Hooker & Wilson) Crum 1991 SK02 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Weymouthia Broth. 1906 SK02
    |    |--W. cochlearifolia (Schwägr.) Dixon 1927 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    |    `--W. mollis (Hedw.) Broth. 1906 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    |--Porotrichodendron J87
    |    |--P. bertrandii J87
    |    `--P. superbum J87
    |--Lembophyllum Lindb. 1872 SK02
    |    `--L. divulsum (Hooker & Wilson) Lindb. 1896 (see below for synonymy) SK02
    |         |--L. d. var. divulsum SK02
    |         `--L. d. var. clandestinum (Hooker & Wilson) Wijk & Margad. 1961 SK02
    `--Camptochaete Reichardt 1870 SK02
         |--C. angustata (Mitt.) Reichardt 1870 [=Isothecium angustatum] SK02
         |--C. arbuscula (Smith) Reichardt 1870 (see below for synonymy) SK02
         |--C. curvata Tangney 1997 SK02
         |--C. deflexa (Wilson) Jaeger 1877 (see below for synonymy) SK02
         |--C. excavata (Taylor) Jaeger 1877 (see below for synonymy) SK02
         |--C. leichhardtii (Hampe) Broth. 1907 (see below for synonymy) SK02
         `--C. pulvinata (Hooker & Wilson) Jaeger 1877 [incl. C. beckettii] SK02

Camptochaete arbuscula (Smith) Reichardt 1870 [=Hypnum arbuscula, Isothecium arbuscula, Porotrichum arbusculum, Thamnium arbuscula, Stereodon arbuscula; incl. Thamniella bateana (n. n.), Camptochaete longicaudata (n. n.)] SK02

Camptochaete deflexa (Wilson) Jaeger 1877 [=Hypnum deflexum, Ca. arbuscula var. deflexa (Wilson) Dixon 1927, Stereodon deflexus, Thamnium deflexum; incl. Camptochaete brisbanica (nom. inv.), Thamniella brisbanica (n. n.), Thamniella campylochaete (nom. inv.), Hypnum chlorocladium, Coelidium chlorocladum, Lembophyllum chlorocladon, Thamnium curvatocomosum (n. n.), Camptochaete deflexula (n. n.), Thamnium deflexulum (nom. inv.), Isothecium fruticosum, Camptochaete fruticosa (Bastow) Paris 1900, Porotrichum fruticosum, Ca. nanodendra (nom. inv.), Thamnium deflexum var. perpumilum, Hypnum ramulosum (n. n.), Isothecium ramulosum, Camptochaete ramulosa (Mitt.) Jaeger 1877, Porotrichum ramulosum, Thamnium ramulosum, Camptochaete squamulosa (nom. inv.), Ca. squamulosula (nom. inv.)] SK02

Camptochaete excavata (Taylor) Jaeger 1877 [=Hypnum excavatum, Thamnium excavatum; incl. H. assimile (n. n.), H. orbiculare Hampe 1880 (n. n.), Porotrichum orbiculare Mitt. 1882 (n. n.), Thamnium perpusillum (n. n.), Hypnum schlosseri, Brachythecium schlosseri, Camptochaete schlosseri Sendtn.) Broth. ex Paris 1909, Porotrichum schlosseri, Rigodium schlosseri, Thamniella schlosseri (n. n.), Hypnum vagum, Astrotrichum vagum (nom. inv.), Camptochaete vaga (Hornsch. ex Müll.Hal.) Broth. 1907, Coelidium vagum, Lembophyllum vagum, Porotrichum vagum, Rigodium vagum, Thamniella vaga, Thamnium vagum] SK02

Camptochaete leichhardtii (Hampe) Broth. 1907 [=Hypnum leichhardtii, Ptychomnion leichhardtii, Thamniella leichhardtii, Thamnium leichhardtii] SK02

Fallaciella gracilis (Hooker & Wilson) Crum 1991 SK02 [=Isothecium gracile SK02, Camptochaete gracilis (Hooker & Wilson) Paris 1894 SK02, Microthamnium gracile SK02, Porotrichum gracile SK02, Stereodon gracilis SK02, Thamnium gracile SK02; incl. Lembophyllum brisbanicum (n. n.) SK02, Porotrichum brisbanicum Müll.Hal. ex Bailey 1883 (n. n.) SK02, Hypnum aduncum var. gracilescens D24, SK02, Camptochaete tasmanica SK02]

Lembophyllum divulsum (Hooker & Wilson) Lindb. 1896 [=Hypnum divulsum, Coelidium divulsum, Lembophyllum clandestinum var. divulsum (nom. illeg.), Porotrichum divulsum, Thamniella divulsa] SK02

Weymouthia cochlearifolia (Schwägr.) Dixon 1927 [=Hypnum cochlearifolium, Coelidium cochlearifolium, Isothecium cochlearifolium, Lembophyllum cochlearifolium, Porotrichum cochlearifolium, Stereodon cochlearifolius; incl. Neckera billardieri, Meteorium billardieri, Pilotrichella billardieri, Weymouthia cochlearifolia var. billardieri (Hampe) Dixon 1927, Hypnum cochlearifolium var. minus Hampe 1853 (n. n.) nec H. collatum var. minus nec H. cupressiforme var. minus nec H. polygamum var. minus, Coelidium cochlearifolium var. minus Paris 1894 (n. n.), Lembophyllum cochlearifolium var. minus Paris 1896] SK02

Weymouthia mollis (Hedw.) Broth. 1906 [=Leskea mollis, Isothecium molle, Meteorium molle, Neckera mollis, Pilotrichella mollis, Stereodon mollis; incl. Meteorium molle var. majus, Pilotrichella mollis var. major (Wilson) Jaeger 1877, P. weymouthii] SK02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[SK02] Streimann, H., & N. Klazenga. 2002. Catalogue of Australian Mosses. Flora of Australia Supplementary Series 17. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra.

Last updated: 7 January 2018.

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