Eugereon boeckingi, from here.

Belongs within: Palaeodictyoptera.

The Eugereonoidea were a diverse but relatively short-lived group of palaeodictyopteran insects from the Lower Permian.

See also: The stone mantis.

Characters (from Sinitshenkova 2002): Wings wide basally, length 2.5 times width; SC reaching C near wing apex; CuA and MA with at most a short apical fork; MP and CuP both branching; archedictyon replaced by numerous cross-veins or sparse between more widely spaced veins.

<==Eugereonoidea [Dictyoptiloidea]
    |--Archaemegaptilidae S02
    |--Graphiptilidae S02
    |--Jongmansiidae S02
    |--Lycocercidae S02
    |--Megaptilidae S02
    |--Polycreagridae S02
    |--Protagriidae S02
    |--Synarmogidae S02
    |--Lithomantis GE05 [Lithomanteidae S02]
    |    `--L. carbonarius GE05
    |--Eugereon [Dictyoptilidae, Eugereonidae] S02
    |    `--E. boeckingi S02
    `--Tchirkovaeidae S02
         |--Paimbia fenestrata Sinichenkova 1979 K-P83
         `--Tchirkovaea Zalessky 1931 BN03
              `--T. guttata S02


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