Drepanocladus aduncus, photographed by Russ Kleinmann & Karen Blisard.

Belongs within: Hypnales.
Contains: Amblystegium.

The Amblystegiaceae are a clade of mosses primarily found within damp habitats. As currently circumscribed, the Amblystegiaceae are not yet supported by any morphological synapomorphies; it has only been resolved by molecular analysis combining both chloroplast and nuclear loci. Taxa previously included in the Amblystegiaceae were shown by Vanderpoorten et al (2002) to belong to two phylogenetically distinct clades labelled as Amblystegiaceae and Calliergonaceae; characters previously used to unite them were suggested to be convergent adaptations to aquatic habitats. Vanderpoorten et al. (2002) also indicate that the Amblystegiaceae are paraphyletic to the Fabroniaceae, a group of very small mosses often forming silky mats. Many species of Amblystegiaceae have inflated basal alar cells, but these are generally reduced in species inhabiting less damp habitats (Vanderpoorten et al. 2002).

    |  i. s.: Hygroamblystegium VH02
    |         Limbella pachyloma VH02
    |         Gradsteinia andicola VH02
    |         Orthotheciella (Müll.Hal.) Ochyra 1998 SK02
    |--+--Palustriella VH02
    |  |    |--P. falcata VH02
    |  |    `--P. pluristratosa VHJ03
    |  `--Cratoneuron [Cratoneuraceae] VH02
    |       `--C. filicinum VH02 [=Amblystegium filicinum SK02, Hypnum filicinum D24]
    |            |--C. f. var. filicinum VH02
    |            |--C. f. var. atrovirens VH02
    |            |--‘Amblystegium’ f. var. trichodes [incl. A. filicinum var. gracilescens] D24
    |            |--‘Amblystegium’ f. var. vallisclausae [=Hypnum vallisclausae; incl. A. fallax, H. formianum] D24
    |            `--‘Amblystegium’ f. var. whiteheadii Wheldon 1899 D24
    `--+--+--Hygrohypnum VH02
       |  |    |--H. luridum VH02
       |  |    `--H. nairii N02
       |  `--+--Serpoleskea confervoides VH02
       |     `--Fabroniaceae VH02
       |          |--Ischyrodon Müll.Hal. 1875 SK02
       |          |    `--I. lepturus (Taylor) Schelpe 1970 (see below for synonymy) SK02
       |          |--Anacamptodon Brid. 1819 VH02, SK02
       |          |    |--A. fortunei Mitt. 1864 SK02
       |          |    |--A. splachnoides VH02
       |          |    `--A. wattsii Broth. 1916 SK02
       |          `--Fabronia Raddi 1808 SK02
       |               |--F. australis Hooker 1819 [incl. F. tayloriana] SK02
       |               |--F. brachydontia [incl. F. wrightii] SK02
       |               |--F. brachyphylla Müll.Hal. 1895 SK02
       |               |--F. hampeana Sond. 1844 [incl. F. incana, F. tomentosa] SK02
       |               |--F. minuta N02
       |               |--F. scottiae Müll.Hal. 1868 SK02
       |               `--F. secunda N02
       `--+--+--Campyliadelphus chrysophyllus VH02
          |  `--+--Leptodictyum (Schimp.) Warnst. 1906 VH02, SK02
          |     |    `--L. riparium (Hedw.) Warnst. 1906 (see below for synonymy) SK02
          |     |         |--L. r. var. riparium D24
          |     |         |--‘Hypnum’ r. var. longifolium D24
          |     |         `--‘Hypnum’ r. var. splendens non H. splendens D24
          |     `--Campylium (Sull.) Mitt. 1869 VH02, SK02 [Campyliaceae]
          |          |--C. calcareum M08
          |          |--C. chrysophyllum N02 [=Amblystegium chrysophyllum D24, Hypnum chrysophyllum D24]
          |          |    |--C. c. var. chrysophyllum D24
          |          |    `--‘Hypnum’ c. var. erectum Bagnall 1896 [incl. Amblystegium geophilum] D24
          |          |--‘Hypnum’ elodes [=Amblystegium elodes] D24
          |          |    |--H. e. var. elodes D24
          |          |    `--H. e. var. hamulosum non H. hamulosum D24
          |          |--C. halleri [=Hypnum halleri] D24
          |          |--C. hispidulum [=Hypnum hispidulum] D24
          |          |    |--C. h. var. hispidulum D24
          |          |    `--C. h. var. sommerfeltii [=Hypnum hispidulum var. sommerfeltii; incl. H. polymorphum] D24
          |          |--C. praegracile J87
          |          |--C. sommerfeltii N02
          |          |--C. stellatum (Hedw.) Lange & Jensen 1887 SK02 (see below for synonymy)
          |          |    |--C. s. var. stellatum D24
          |          |    `--C. s. var. protensum M08 [=Amblystegium protensum D24, Hypnum stellatum var. protensum D24]
          |          `--C. velaxum [incl. Sciaromium bellii] M49
          `--+--+--Hypnobartlettia fontana VH02
             |  `--Amblystegium VH02
             `--+--Pseudocalliergon VH02
                |    |--P. trifarium VH02
                |    `--P. turgescens VH02
                `--+--Cratoneuropsis (Broth.) Fleischer 1923 VH02, SK02
                   |    `--C. relaxa (Hooker & Wilson) Fleischer ex Broth. 1925 (see below for synonymy) SK02
                   `--Drepanocladus (Müll.Hal.) Roth 1899 VH02, SK02
                        |--D. aduncus (Hedw.) Warnst. 1903 SK02 (see below for synonymy)
                        |    |--D. a. var. aduncus D24
                        |    |--‘Hypnum aduncum’ var. aquaticum D24
                        |    |--‘Hypnum aduncum’ var. attenuatum non H. attenuatum D24
                        |    |--‘Hypnum aduncum’ var. intermedium non H. intermedium D24
                        |    |--‘Hypnum aduncum’ var. paternum D24
                        |    |--‘Hypnum aduncum’ var. polycarpon D24
                        |    `--‘Hypnum aduncum’ var. pungens D24
                        |--D. brachiatus (Mitt.) Dixon 1912 SK02 (see below for synonymy)
                        |--D. intermedius KF00
                        |--D. longifolius (Mitt.) Broth. ex Paris 1909 SK02
                        |--D. polygamus (Schimp.) Hedenäs 1997 SK02 (see below for synonymy)
                        |    |--D. p. var. polygamus D24
                        |    |--‘Hypnum polygamum’ var. minus nec H. collatum var. minus nec H. cupressiforme var. minus D24
                        |    `--‘Hypnum polygamum’ var. stagnatum D24
                        |--D. secundifolius [incl. Hypnum lithophilum (preoc.)] SK02
                        |--D. sendtneri (Schimp.) Warnst. 1903 SK02
                        `--D. sordidus VH02

Nomina nuda: Fabronia baileyana Müll.Hal. ex Paris 1900 SK02
             Fabronia scottiae var. denticulata Müll.Hal. ex Bailey 1892 SK02
             Fabronia novae-valesiae Geh. ex Burges 1935 SK02
             Fabronia obtusoacuminata Müll.Hal. ex Muell. 1880 SK02
             Fabronia sphaerocarpa Müll.Hal. ex Bailey 1883 SK02

Campylium stellatum (Hedw.) Lange & Jensen 1887 SK02 [=Amblystegium stellatum D24, Hypnum stellatum D24]

Cratoneuropsis relaxa (Hooker & Wilson) Fleischer ex Broth. 1925 [=Campylium relaxum; incl. Hypnum decussatum, Amblystegium decussatum, Campylium decussatum, Cratoneuropsis decussata, Sciaromium elimbatum, S. forsythii, Campylium molle Broth. 1914, Amblystegium novae-valesiae Broth. & Watts 1912, A. subrelaxum, Campylium subrelaxum, Cratoneuropsis subrelaxa (Broth.) Broth. 1925, Hypnum subrelaxum] SK02

Drepanocladus aduncus (Hedw.) Warnst. 1903 SK02 [=Hypnum aduncum SK02; incl. Amblystegium kneiffii D24, H. kneiffii D24, Drepanocladus polycarpus (Bland. ex Voit.) Warnst. 1902 SK02]

Drepanocladus brachiatus (Mitt.) Dixon 1912 SK02 [=Hypnum brachiatum SK02; incl. Drepanohypnum fontinaloides SK02, Amblystegium fontinaloides SK02, Cinclidotus fontinaloides D24, Drepanocladus fontinaloides (Hampe) Broth. ex Paris 1909 SK02, Hypnum fontinaloides SK02, H. fontinaliaceum (l. c.) SK02]

Drepanocladus polygamus (Schimp.) Hedenäs 1997 SK02 [=Amblystegium polygamum D24, Campyliadelphus polygamus SK02, Campylium polygamum (Schimp.) Lange & Jensen 1887 SK02, Hypnum polygamum D24; incl. Rhynchostegiella campylioides Broth. & Watts 1915 SK02, Drepanocladus strictifolius Broth. & Watts 1912 SK02]

Ischyrodon lepturus (Taylor) Schelpe 1970 [=Hypnum lepturum, Brachythecium lepturum, Fabronia leptura, Juratzkaea leptura, Stereophyllum lepturum] SK02

Leptodictyum riparium (Hedw.) Warnst. 1906 [=Hypnum riparium, Amblystegium riparium; incl. A. leptopterygioides (n. n.), Hypnum muelleri, A. muelleri, Leptodictyum muelleri] SK02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 7 January 2018.

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