Rhombognathus magnirostris magnirostris, from the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Belongs within: Halacaridae.

Rhombognathus is a genus of halacarid mites with minute palpi and two setae each on the ocular plates (Luxton 1990).

Characters (from Luxton 1990): Dorsal plates well developed; ventral plates often fused; ocular plates each with two setae; genital opening of female ventral; legs bidactylous; sclerite between end of leg and base of claws rod-like.

<==Rhombognathus Trouessart 1888 [incl. Aletes Lohmann 1889 nec Rafinesque 1815 nec Carpenter 1857 nec Chapuis 1874] N47
    |--*R. notops (Gosse 1855) (see below for synonymy) N47
    |--R. apsteini Lohmann 1907 N47
    |--R. biscutatus Bartsch 1993 H98
    |--R. caribaeus Bartsch 2007 B07
    |--R. foveolatus Bartsch 1993 H98
    |--R. fractus Bartsch 1979 L90
    |--R. gressitti Newell 1967 [incl. R. magnirostris var. lionyx Trouessart 1914] SL71
    |--R. intermedius Schulz 1933 N47
    |--R. lacunosus Bartsch 1979 L90
    |--R. latens Bartsch 1993 H98
    |--R. latibulus Bartsch 1993 H98
    |--R. lepidus Bartsch 1993 H98
    |--R. leurodactylus WL09
    |--R. levigatoides DPD16
    |--R. magnirostris Trouessart 1889 B07 [=R. magnipalpus (l. c.) N47]
    |    |--R. m. magnirostris N47
    |    |--R. m. plumifer Trouessart 1889 N47
    |    `--R. m. praegracilis Viets 1939 N47
    |--R. marginalis Bartsch 1993 H98
    |--R. novaezelandicus Bartsch 1986 L90
    |--R. parvulus Viets 1939 N47
    |--R. pectinatus Viets 1936 B07
    |--R. peltatus Viets 1939 B07
    |--R. placidus Bartsch 1993 H98
    |--R. psammophilus Bartsch 1993 H98
    |--R. pseudolionyx Newell & AndrĂ© 1959 B07
    |--R. reticulatus WL09
    |--R. scutulatus Bartsch 1983 H98
    |--R. sphaerorhynchus Police 1909 N47
    |--R. spinipes Viets 1933 N47
    |--R. thalassinus Bartsch 1993 H98
    |--R. uniscutatus Viets 1939 N47
    `--R. validipes Bartsch 2000 B07

*Rhombognathus notops (Gosse 1855) [=Pachygnathus notops, *Aletes notops; incl. A. gracilis Lohmann 1889, Rhombognathus longirostris Lohmann 1889] N47

*Type species of generic name indicated


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