Venter of Omartacarus elongatus, from Cook (1963).

Belongs within: Hygrobatoidea.

The Omartacaridae are a group of interstitial water mites with a disjunct distribution in southern Asia, Australia and the Americas. Species have a soft integument, somewhat elongated idiosoma, all coxal plates grouped together with the medial edges of anterior coxal group noticeably longer than those of the posterior group, and suture lines between coxal plates III–IV extending at right angles to the midline or slightly posterolaterally (Walter et al. 2009).

Omartacaridae RFF05
    |--Maharashtracarus Cook 1967 [Maharashtracarinae] S86
    |    |--M. neotropicus Cook 1980 S86
    |    `--M. phreaticus Cook 1967 S86
    `--Omartacarus Cook 1963 [Omartacarinae] RFF05
         |  i. s.: O. australicus Viets 1978 H98
         |         O. blythi Cook 1986 H98
         |         O. bobidus Cook 1986 H98
         |         O. ferradasae Cook 1988 RFF05
         |         O. lomedus Cook 1986 H98
         |         O. paraelongatus Fernández & Grosso 1991 RFF05
         |         O. pauciporus Cook 1986 H98
         |         O. tucumanensis Fernández 1992 RFF05
         |--O. (Omartacarus) S86
         |    |--O. (O.) elongatus Cook 1963 S86
         |    `--O. (O.) motasi Cook 1980 S86
         `--O. (Omartacarellus Cook 1974) S86
              `--O. (O.) brevipalpis Cook 1974 S86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[RFF05] Rosso de Ferradás, B., & H. R. Fernández. 2005. Elenco y biogeografía de los ácaros acuáticos (Acari, Parasitengona, Hydrachnidia) de Sudamérica. Graellsia 61 (2): 181–224.

[S86] Schwoerbel, J. 1986. Acari: “Hydrachnellae”. In: Botosaneanu, L. (ed.) Stygofauna Mundi: A Faunistic, Distributional, and Ecological Synthesis of the World Fauna inhabiting Subterranean Waters (including the Marine Interstitial) pp. 652–696. E. J. Brill/Dr W. Backhuys: Leiden.

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