Selected features of Gretacarus australicus, from Viets (1978).

Belongs within: Neohydrachnidia.

Gretacarus is an Australian genus of water mites characterised by the presence of a large, robust seta set on an anteriorly directed protuberance on the palp tibia, and numerous pairs of acetabula set in several rows.

<==Gretacarus Viets 1978 [Gretacaridae, Gretacarinae] H98
    |--G. abnormipalpis Cook 1986 H98
    |--G. australicus Viets 1978 H98
    |--G. clodus Cook 1986 H98
    |--G. concavus Cook 1986 H98
    |--G. crankus Cook 1986 H98
    |--G. evidus Cook 1986 H98
    |--G. expansisetus Cook 1986 H98
    |--G. kurtvietsi Cook 1986 H98
    |--G. kyphopalpis Cook 1986 H98
    |--G. mutilus Viets 1978 H98
    `--G. oldus Cook 1986 H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H98] Halliday, R. B. 1998. Mites of Australia: A checklist and bibliography. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood.

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