Rhyacophila sp., copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Trichoptera.
Contains: Hydrobiosinae.

The Rhyacophiloidea are a group of caddisflies in which the larvae are mostly carnivorous and use bottom crevices as retreats, only producing silk immediately before pupation. The larval antenna bears two basiconic sensillae with a single trichoid sensilla between them (Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002).

    |--Hydrobiosidae GE05
    |    |  i. s.: Palaeohydrobiosis siberambra RJ93
    |    |--Hydrobiosinae N83
    |    `--Apsilochoreminae N83
    |         |--Bachorema Mosely 1953 N83
    |         |--Allochorema Mosely 1953 N83
    |         |    |--*A. tasmanicum Mosely 1953 [=A. tasmanica] N83
    |         |    `--A. reclivatum Neboiss 1962 N83
    |         `--Apsilochorema Ulmer 1907 N83
    |              |--*A. indicum (Ulmer 1905) [=Psilochorema indicum] N83
    |              |--A. gisbum (Mosely 1953) [=Bachorema gisba, A. gisba] N83
    |              |--A. obliquum (Mosely 1953) [=Bachorema obliqua, A. obliqua] N83
    |              `--A. urdalum Neboiss 1962 N83
    `--Rhyacophilidae GE05
         |--Cailloma RD77
         `--Rhyacophila Pictet 1834 [Rhyacophilinae] BZ-M04
              |--R. aquitanica BZ-M04
              |--R. atrata R38
              |--R. denticulata [=R. fasciata denticulata] BZ-M04
              |--R. dorsalis (Curtis 1834) BZ-M04
              |--R. evoluta McLachlan 1879 BZ-M04
              |--R. fasciata Hagen 1859 BZ-M04
              |--R. fuscula RD77
              |--R. gemona Ross 1938 R38
              |--R. intermedia McLachlan 1868 BZ-M04
              |--R. kaltatica IS02
              |--R. laevis Pictet 1834 BZ-M04
              |--R. meridionalis Pictet 1865 BZ-M04
              |--R. mocsaryi Klapálek 1898 BZ-M04
              |    |--R. m. mocsaryi BZ-M04
              |    `--R. m. tredosensis BZ-M04
              |--R. munda McLachlan 1862 BZ-M04
              |--R. nevada Schmid 1952 BZ-M04
              |--R. norcuta Ross 1938 R38
              |--R. occidentalis McLachlan 1879 BZ-M04
              |--R. pascoei McLachlan 1879 BZ-M04
              |--R. pellisa Ross 1938 R38
              |--R. relicta McLachlan 1879 BZ-M04
              |--R. rotunda R38
              |--R. septentrionalis A99
              |--R. tristis Pictet 1834 BZ-M04
              `--R. valuma R38

Nomen nudum: Rhyacophila fonticola BZ-M04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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