Hydroptila tineoides, copyright Dave Ashton.

Belongs within: Hydroptilidae.

The Hydroptilini are a group of caddisflies with a basal whorl of protective hairs on the antennae and more or less triangular meso- and metascutella, and whose larvae feed on filamentous green algae.

<==Hydroptilini BZ-M04
    |--Allotrichia McLachlan 1880 BZ-M04
    |    `--A. pallicornis (Eaton 1873) BZ-M04
    |--Oxyethira Eaton 1873 BZ-M04
    |    |--*O. costalis (Curtis 1834) [=Hydroptila costalis] N83
    |    |--O. albiceps PC66
    |    |--O. brevis Wells 1981 N83
    |    |--O. columba (Neboiss 1977) [=Trichoglene columba] N83
    |    |--O. mienica Wells 1981 N83
    |    |--O. retracta Wells 1981 N83
    |    |--O. rossi MG06
    |    `--O. triangulata Wells 1981 N83
    `--Hydroptila Dalman 1819 BZ-M04
         |--*H. tineoides Dalman 1819 N83
         |--H. acinacis Wells 1978 N83
         |--H. angustata BZ-M04
         |--H. calcara Wells 1978 N83
         |--H. incertula Mosely 1934 N83
         |--H. losida Mosely 1953 N83
         |--H. maclachlani RD77
         |--H. obscura Wells 1978 N83
         |--H. robusta Wells 1978 N83
         |--H. scamandra Neboiss 1977 N83
         |--H. sinuosa Wells 1978 N83
         |--H. sparsa Curtis 1834 BZ-M04
         |--H. tasmanica Mosely 1934 N83
         `--H. vectis Curtis 1834 BZ-M04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BZ-M04] Bonada, N., C. Zamora-Muñoz, M. Rieradevall & N. Prat. 2004. Trichoptera (Insecta) collected in Mediterranean river basins of the Iberian Peninsula: taxonomic remarks and notes on ecology. Graellsia 60 (1): 41–69.

[MG06] Mallatt, J., & G. Giribet. 2006. Further use of nearly complete 28S and 18S rRNA genes to classify Ecdysozoa: 37 more arthropods and a kinorhynch. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 40: 772–794.

[N83] Neboiss, A. 1983. Checklist and bibliography of the Australian caddis-flies (Trichoptera). Australian Society for Limnology Special Publication 5: 1–132.

[PC66] Pendergrast, J. G., & D. R. Cowley. 1966. An Introduction to New Zealand Freshwater Insects. Collins: Auckland.

[RD77] Richards, O. W., & R. G. Davies. 1977. Imms' General Textbook of Entomology 10th ed. vol. 2. Classification and Biology. Chapman and Hall: London.

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