Pitseed goosefoot Chenopodium berlandieri, copyright Matt Lavin.

Belongs within: Chenopodiaceae.

Chenopodium, goosefoots, is a cosmopolitan genus of herbs and shrubs that often bear glandular or powdery leaves.

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual or perennial, glabrous, glandular, or powdery. Stalk with branches absent to generally more or less spreading. Leaves generally petioled, linear to deltate, entire to lobed, reduced upward; base generally tapered. Inflorescences spheric clusters, spikes, or panicle-like, generally dense; bracts gen absent; flowers generally sessile. Flower with calyx segments generally 5, fused or not, persistent, flat to keeled; stamens generally 5; ovary lenticular to spheric, stigmas 2–5. Seed vertical or horizontal, red-brown to black; wall very thin.

<==Chenopodium Linnaeus 1753 A61
    |--C. album H93 [incl. C. opulifolium H93, C. probstii H90]
    |--C. allanii Aellen 1939 [incl. C. triandrum Rich. 1832 non Forst. f. 1786] A61
    |--C. amaranticolor CR01
    |--C. amboanum CV06
    |--C. ambrosioides [incl. C. anthelminticum] H90
    |--C. atrovirens H93
    |--C. auricomiforme H90
    |--C. auricomum H90
    |--C. berlandieri [incl. C. berlandieri var. sinuatum, C. berlandieri var. zschackei] H93
    |--C. bonus-henricus C06
    |--C. botrys BB01
    |--C. californicum H93
    |--C. carinatum [=Blitum carinatum; incl. B. glandulosum] C06
    |--C. carnosulum H93
    |    |--C. c. var. carnosulum H93
    |    `--C. c. var. patagonicum H93
    |--C. centrorubrum MH98
    |--C. chenopodioides H93
    |--C. cristatum H90
    |--C. curvispicatum H90
    |--C. desertorum H90
    |    |--C. d. ssp. desertorum H90
    |    |--C. d. ssp. anidiophyllum H90
    |    |--C. d. ssp. microphyllum [incl. C. pseudomicrophyllum] H90
    |    |--C. d. ssp. rectum H90
    |    `--C. d. ssp. virosum H90
    |--C. desiccatum H93
    |--C. detestans Kirk 1877 A61
    |--C. erosum H90
    |--C. ficifolium C06
    |--C. foetidum C55b
    |--C. foliosum [incl. C. capitatum, C. overi] H93
    |--C. fremontii H93
    |--C. fruticosum C55a
    |--C. gaudichaudianum KM08
    |--C. giganteum Y98
    |--C. glaucum Linnaeus 1753 H93, A61 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. graveolens C55b
    |--C. hians H93
    |--C. hybridum C55b
    |--C. incanum [=C. fremontii var. incanum] H93
    |    |--C. i. var. incanum H93
    |    `--C. i. var. occidentale H93
    |--C. incognitum H93
    |--C. leptophyllum H93
    |--C. macrospermum H93
    |    |--C. m. var. macrospermum H93
    |    `--C. m. var. halophilum [incl. C. macrospermum var. farinosum] H93
    |--C. melanocarpum KM08
    |--C. missouriense H93
    |--C. multifidum H93 [=Roubieva multifida Moq. 1834 C55b, C06]
    |--C. murale KM08
    |--C. nevadense H93
    |--C. nitrariaceum B00
    |--C. oahuense MK08
    |--C. pratericola [incl. C. desiccatum var. leptophylloides] H93
    |--C. pumilio Br. 1810 H90, A61
    |--C. purpurascens C55b
    |--C. pusillum Hook. f. 1864 [incl. C. pumilio Hook. f. 1854 non Br. 1810] A61
    |--C. quinoa CR01
    |--C. rubrum [incl. C. humile] H93
    |--C. simplex [incl. C. gigantospermum] H93
    |--C. sooanum RH96
    |--C. strictum H93
    |    |--C. s. var. strictum H93
    |    `--C. s. var. glaucophyllum H93
    |--C. truncatum H90
    |--C. urbicum CA27
    `--C. vulvaria BB01

Chenopodium glaucum Linnaeus 1753 H93, A61 [incl. C. ambiguum Br. 1810 H90, A61, C. glaucum var. ambiguum H90, C. glaucum ssp. salinum H93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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