Blue underwing Catocala fraxini, copyright Harald Süpfle.

Belongs within: Erebidae.
Contains: Melipotini, Euclidiini, Ophiusini, Poaphilini.

The Erebinae are a clade of noctuoid moths identified by molecular data, members of which have a smooth apex on the proboscis with all the styloconic sensilla placed dorsally. Females have the seventh sternite reduced and divided into two lobes with with ostium bursae situated in the cleft between the lobes. Larvae are slender semi-loopers with a pair of dorsolateral tubercles on the eighth abdominal segment.

Erebinae [Catocalinae]
    |--+--Ugia Walker 1858 ZK11, Z21
    |  |    `--U. insuspecta ZK11
    |  `--Acantholipes Lederer 1857 ZK11, FL05 [Acantholipini]
    |       |--A. circumdata ZK11
    |       `--A. regularis ZK11
    `--+--Sypnini ZK11
       |    |--Sypnoides fumosa ZK11
       |    `--Sypna ZK11
       `--+--Thysania Dalman 1824 FL05 [Thysaniini ZK11]
          |    |--T. agrippina DS73
          |    `--T. zenobia DS73
          |--+--Pandesma [Pandesmini] ZK11
          |  |    |--P. costalis S01
          |  |    |--P. pagana Swinhoe 1901 S01
          |  |    |--P. robusta ZK11
          |  |    `--P. submurina MC13
          |  `--+--Heteropalpia acrosticta ZK11
          |     `--+--Pericyma Herrich-Schäffer 1851 FL05 [Pericymini ZK11]
          |        |    `--P. cruegeri ZK11
          |        `--+--Catephiini [Catephidae] ZK11
          |           |    |--Anophia acronyctoides WM66
          |           |    `--Catephia Ochsenheimer 1816 FL05
          |           |         `--C. alchymista ZK11
          |           `--Sphingomorpha chlorea ZK11
          `--+--+--+--+--Serrodes campana ZK11
             |  |  |  `--Melipotini ZK11
             |  |  `--+--Erebus Latreille 1910 FL05 [Erebini ZK11]
             |  |     |    |--E. ephesperis ZK11
             |  |     |    `--E. odora H01
             |  |     `--Erygia apicalis ZK11
             |  `--+--Sympis rufibasis ZK11
             |     `--+--Anisoneura salebrosa ZK11
             |        `--Hulodini [Hulodides] ZK11
             |             |--Ericeia subcinerea ZK11
             |             `--Hulodes Guenée 1852 FL05
             |                  `--H. caranea ZK11
             `--+--+--Hypopyrini [Hypopyridae] ZK11
                |  |    |--Hypopyra Guenée 1852 FL05
                |  |    |    `--H. capensis ZK11
                |  |    `--Spirama ZK11
                |  `--+--Ercheia Walker 1858 FL05 [Ercheini ZK11]
                |     |    `--E. cyllaria ZK11
                |     `--+--Pantydia ZK11
                |        |    |--P. capistrata MC13
                |        |    |--P. diemeni ZK11
                |        |    `--P. sparsa G84
                |        `--Euclidiini ZK11
                |--+--Catocalini [Catocalidi] ZK11
                |  |    |--Catocala Schrank 1802 FL05
                |  |    |    |--C. fraxini DS73
                |  |    |    |--C. koreana Staudinger 1892 I92
                |  |    |    |--C. nupta DS73
                |  |    |    |--C. promissa DS73
                |  |    |    `--C. sponsa (Linnaeus 1767) JP05
                |  |    `--Ulotrichopus Wallengren 1860 Z21
                |  |         |--U. macula ZK11
                |  |         `--U. variegata Hampson 1902 Z21
                |  `--Audeini ZK11
                |       |--Audea Walker 1858 Z21
                |       |    `--A. bipunctata ZK11
                |       `--Crypsotidia Rothschild 1901 Z21
                `--+--Ophiusini ZK11
                   `--Poaphilini LS13

Erebinae incertae sedis:
  Dasypodia selenophora NC91, MC13
  Diatenes MC13
    |--D. aglossoides MC13
    `--D. marmarinopa MC13
  Donuca memorabilis MC13
  Eudesmeola lawsoni MC13
  Prorocopis melanochorda MC13
  Lyncestis acontioides [=Melipotis acontioides] PP72
  Psorya hadesia PP72
  Leistera Swinhoe 1909 Z21
    `--*L. pulchristrigata (Bethune-Baker 1906) [=Catephia pulchristrigata] Z21
  Cosmophila Boisduval 1833 Z21
    `--C. flava (Fabr. 1775) P27
  Homodes Guenée 1852 Z21
  Hypocala Guenée 1852 [Hypocalini] Z21
  Tamba Hübner 1823 Z21
  Arytrura John 1912 [Arytrurini] FL05
  Brevipecten FL05
  Ascalapha Hübner 1809 FL05, Z21
  Hemeroblemma FL05
  Latebraria FL05
  Antiblemma FL05
  Athyrma FL05
  Omopterini Z21
    |--Zale Hübner 1818 FL05, Z21 [incl. Omoptera Guérin-Méneville 1832 FL05]
    `--Matigramma Grote 1872 Z21
  Amphigonia Guenée 1852 [Amphigoniidae] FL05
  Anydrophila John 1909 [Anydrophilini] FL05
  Ctenusa Hampson 1910 [Ctenusini] FL05
  Hypogramma Guenée 1852 [Hypogrammidae] FL05
  Ommatophora Guenée 1852 [Ommatophoridae] FL05
  Speiredonia Hübner 1823 [Speiredoniinae] FL05
    |--S. mutabilis ZS10
    `--S. zamis ZS10
  Tachosa Walker 1869 [Tachosini] FL05
  Tinolius Walker 1855 [Tinoliidae] FL05
  Yrias Guenée 1852 [Yriasidae] FL05
  Thermesia Hübner 1823 [Thermesidae] FL05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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