Homalopoma sanguineum, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Vetigastropoda.

The Colloniinae are a group of small gastropods characterised by a periumbilical cord (Monari et al. 1996).

Characters (from Monari et al. 1996): Phaneromphalous base with periumbilical cord, carina or ridge formed by small enlarged part of otherwise simple or slightly thickened peristome. Angulation on protoconch whorl and/or opisthocline lineation on teleoconch rarely appear. Operculum (where known) calcareous.

<==Colloniinae [Colloniini, Homalopomatinae, Homalopomatini] BR05
    |--Bakonyia Szabó 1981 MCS96
    |--Coanollonia Woodring 1928 KC60
    |    `--*C. ambla Woodring 1928 KC60
    |--Cyniscella Cossmann 1888 KC60
    |    `--*C. cornupastoris (Lamarck 1804) [=Cyclostoma cornupastoris] KC60
    |--Gelasinostoma Gardner 1947 KC60
    |    `--*G. elegantulum (Dall 1892) [=Collonia elegantula] KC60
    |--Otomphalus Cossmann 1902 KC60
    |    `--*O. dumasi Cossmann 1902 KC60
    |--Anadema Adams & Adams 1854 KC60
    |    `--*A. caelata (Adams 1854) [=Omphalius caelata] KC60
    |--Leptocollonia Powell 1951 [incl. Cynisca Adams & Adams 1854 non Gray 1844] KC60
    |    `--*L. thielei Powell 1951 KC60
    |--Rangimata Marwick 1928 KC60
    |    `--*R. pervia Marwick 1928 KC60
    |--Tipua Marwick 1943 KC60
    |    `--*T. tricincta (Marshall 1919) [=Submargarita tricincta] KC60
    |--Vexinia Cossmann 1918 KC60
    |    `--*V. crassa (Baudon 1853) [=Delphinula crassa] KC60
    |--Otollonia Woodring 1928 KC60
    |    |--*O. siderea (Guppy 1896) [=Liotia siderea] KC60
    |    `--O. fricki (Crosse 1865) [=Arene (Otollonia) fricki] PP78
    |--‘Bothropoma’ Thiele 1924 non Wagner 1908 [Bothropomatinae] BR05
    |    |--*B. isseli Thiele 1924 BR17
    |    `--B. rubrostriatum Rolán, Rubio & Fernández-Garcés 1997 BC01
    |--Cantrainea Jeffreys 1883 [=Cantraineia Fischer 1885] KC60
    |    |--*C. peloritanum (Cantraine 1835) [=Turbo peloritanus, Homalopoma (*Cantrainea) peloritanum] KC60
    |    `--C. panamense (Dall 1908) H84
    |--Cirsochilus Cossmann 1888 KC60
    |    |--*C. (Cirsochilus) striatum (Lamarck 1804) [=Delphinula striata] KC60
    |    `--C. (Claibornia Palmer 1937) KC60
    |         `--C. (*C.) lineatum (Lea 1933) [=Turbo lineata] KC60
    |--Charisma Hedley 1915 KC60
    |    |--*C. (Charisma) compacta Hedley 1915 KC60
    |    |--C. (Cavostella Laseron 1954) KC60
    |    |    `--C. (*C.) radians Laseron 1954 KC60
    |    `--C. (Cavotera Laseron 1954) KC60
    |         `--C. (*C.) simplex Laseron 1954 KC60
    |--Argalista Iredale 1915 KC60
    |    |--*A. fluctuata (Hutton 1883) P61 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--A. crassicostata (Murdoch 1905) P61
    |    |--A. micans Powell 1931 P61
    |    |--A. nana Finlay 1930 P61
    |    |--A. rotella Powell 1937 P61
    |    |--A. umbilicata Powell 1926 P61
    |    `--A. variecostata Powell 1937 P61
    |--Collonia Gray 1850 BR05
    |    |--*C. (Collonia) marginata (Lamarck 1804) KC60 [=Delphinula marginata KC60, Turbo marginatus C64]
    |    |--C. (Bonnetella Cossmann 1908) [incl. Bonnetia Cossmann 1907 non Robineau-Desvoidy 1830] KC60
    |    |    `--C. (*B.) planispira (Cossmann 1907) [=Bonnetia planispira] KC60
    |    |--C. (Circulopsis Cossmann 1902) KC60
    |    |    `--C. (*C.) megalomphalus Cossmann 1902 KC60
    |    |--C. (Heniastoma Cossmann 1918) KC60
    |    |    `--C. (*H.) flammulata Cossmann 1888 KC60
    |    `--C. (Parvirota Cossmann 1902) KC60
    |         `--C. (*P.) rotatoria (Deshayes 1863) [=Turbo rotatorius] KC60
    |--Leptothyra Pease 1869 KC60
    |    |--*L. costata Pease 1869 KC60
    |    |--L. bacula Carpenter 1864 O27
    |    |--L. carpenteri Pilsbry 1888 O27
    |    |--L. grippi Dall 1911 O27
    |    |--L. juanensis Dall 1919 O27
    |    |--L. laeta (Montrouzier 1863) [=Turbo laetus] H09
    |    |--L. lurida Dall 1885 O27
    |    |--L. morini Viader 1951 L96
    |    |--L. nanina (Souverbie 1864) [=Turbo naninus] H09
    |    `--L. paucicostata Dall 1871 O27
    |         |--L. p. paucicostata O27
    |         `--L. p. fenestrata Bartsch 1919 O27
    `--Homalopoma Carpenter 1864 BR05 [incl. Leptonyx Carpenter 1864 non Swainson 1833 KC60]
         |  i. s.: ‘Leptonyx’ bacula Carpenter 1864 C64
         |         H. carpenteri (Pilsbry 1888) H84
         |--*H. (Homalopoma) sanguineum (Linnaeus 1758) KC60 (see below for synonymy)
         |--H. (Boutillieria Cossmann 1888) [incl. Otaulax Cossmann 1888] KC60
         |    `--H. (*B.) eugeni (Deshayes 1863) [=Turbo eugeni] KC60
         |--H. (Collonista Iredale 1918) KC60
         |    `--H. (*C.) pictum (Pease 1868) KC60 [=Collonia picta KC60, *Collonista picta F27]
         |--H. (Eutinochilus Cossmann 1918) [=Homalochilus Cossmann 1892 non Fischer 1856] KC60
         |    `--H. (*E.) miliaris (Cossmann 1892) [=Collonia miliaris] KC60
         |--H. (Leptothyropsis Woodring 1928) KC60
         |    `--H. (*L.) philipianum (Dall 1889) [=Leptothyra philipiana] KC60
         `--H. (Phanerolepida Dall 1907) KC60
              `--H. (*P.) transenna (Watson 1879) [=Turbo transenna] KC60

*Argalista fluctuata (Hutton 1883) P61 [=Cyclostrema fluctuatum P61, Homalopoma (*Argalista) fluctuatum KC60; incl. Argalista fluctuata var. immaculata (Suter 1908) F27]

*Homalopoma (Homalopoma) sanguineum (Linnaeus 1758) KC60 [=Turbo sanguineus KC60, Leptonyx sanguineus C64; incl. T. coccineus C64]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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