Variegated limpets Cellana tramoserica, copyright John Turnbull.

Belongs within: Patellogastropoda.

Cellana is a tropical Indo-Pacific genus of limpets with a solid, strongly ribbed shell (Knight et al. 1960).

Characters (from Knight et al. 1960): Shell fairly solid, apex subcentral; radial ribs strong; interior brilliantly glazed.

<==Cellana Adams 1869 P61 [incl. Bertinia Jousseaume 1883 BR05, Helcioniscus Dall 1871 KC60; Bertinidae, Bertiniidae]
    |--C. capensis (Gmelin 1791) NO04
    `--+--+--C. toreuma (Reeve 1854) NO04
       |  `--+--C. pricei Powell 1973 NO04
       |     `--C. taitensis (Röding 1798) NO04
       `--+--+--C. orientalis (Pilsbry 1891) NO04
          |  `--+--C. grata (Gould 1859) NO04
          |     `--C. nigrolineata (Reeve 1854) NO04 [incl. *Bertinia bertinia Jousseaume 1883 BR05]
          `--+--C. testudinaria (Linnaeus 1758) NO04
             `--+--C. solida (Blainville 1825) NO04
                `--C. tramoserica (Holten 1802) NO04

Cellana incertae sedis:
  *C. cernica (Adams 1869) [=Nacella cernica] KC60
  C. ampla Lindberg & Hickman 1986 TTE93
  C. denticulata (Martyn 1784) P61
  C. ornata (Dillwyn 1817) P61
  C. radians (Gmelin 1791) P61 [=Helcioniscus radians F27; incl. Patella decora F27]
    |--C. r. radians P61
    |--C. r. flava (Hutton 1873) P61
    `--C. r. perana Iredlae 1915 P61
  C. radiata (Born 1778) BD86
  C. stellifera (Gmelin 1791) P61
    |--C. s. stellifera P61
    `--C. s. phymatius (Suter 1905) P61
  C. strigilis (Hombron & Jacquinot 1841) P61
    |--C. s. strigilis P61
    |--C. s. bollonsi Powell 1955 P61
    |--C. s. chathamensis (Pilsbry 1891) P61
    |--C. s. flemingi Powell 1955 P61
    |--C. s. oliveri Powell 1955 P61
    `--C. s. redimiculum (Reeve 1854) P61
  ‘Helcioniscus’ variegatus H15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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