Phylloceras sp., copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Ammonoidea.

The Phylloceratidae are a group of ammonites with mostly smooth or feebly ornamented conchs, and phylloid saddle endings of the suture line (Enseger & Keupp 2002).

<==Phylloceratidae [Phyllocerataceae, Phylloceratida, Phylloceratina, Phylloceratoidea]
    |  i. s.: Sowerbyceras Parona & Bonarelli 1894 EK02
    |         Zetoceras thorsteinssoni Frebold 1961 P87
    |         Epiphylloceras DJ95
    |--Calliphylloceratinae DJ95
    |    |--Holcophylloceras Spath 1927 P87
    |    |--Neocalliphylloceras Besairie 1936 DJ95
    |    |    |--*N. collignoni Besairie 1936 DJ95
    |    |    `--N. sablyense (Karakasch 1907) DJ95
    |    `--Calliphylloceras Spath 1927 P87
    |         |  i. s.: C. disputabile P87
    |         |         C. freibrocki P87
    |         |         C. heterophylloides P87
    |         `--C. (Ptychophylloceras Spath 1927) EK02
    |              `--C. (P.) ptychoideum Spath 1927 EK02
    |--Phyllopachyceras Spath 1925 [Phyllopachyceratinae] DJ95
    |    |--*P. infundibulum (d’Orbigny 1841) (see below for synonymy) DJ95
    |    |--P. baborense (Coquand 1880) [=Ammonites baborensis, Partschiceras baborense, Phylloceras baborense] DJ95
    |    |--P. bontshevi Manolov 1962 DJ95
    |    |--P. bulgaricum Dimitrova 1967 DJ95
    |    |--P. chitinanum Imlay 1960 DJ95
    |    |--P. crassum Drushchic 1956 DJ95
    |    |--P. ectocostatum (Drushchic 1956) DJ95
    |    |--P. eichwaldi DJ95
    |    |    |--P. e. eichwaldi DJ95
    |    |    `--P. e. occidentale (Wiedmann 1964) [=Partschiceras eichwaldi occidentale] DJ95
    |    |--P. katschiense Drushchic 1956 DJ95
    |    |--P. ladinum DJ95
    |    |--P. oregonense (Anderson 1938) (see below for synonymy) DJ95
    |    |--P. rouyanum DJ95
    |    |--P. segre Drushchic 1956 DJ95
    |    `--P. vergonsense Delanoy & Joly 1995 DJ95
    `--Phylloceratinae DJ95
         |--Adabofoloceras Joly 1975 P87
         |--Hyporbulites Breistroffer 1947 DJ95
         |    `--*H. seresitensis (Pervinquière 1907) [=Phylloceras velledae var. seresitensis] DJ95
         `--Phylloceras Suess 1865 DJ95 [incl. Pseudophylloceras EK02]
              |  i. s.: P. billingsi (Meek 1859) [=Ammonites billingsi] EK02
              |         P. kudernatschi EK02
              |         P. kunthi Neumayr 1971 EK02
              |         P. spathi K79
              |         P. subatlas Voronetz 1962 EK02
              |--*P. (Phylloceras) heterophyllum (Sowerby 1820) DJ95 (see below for synonymy)
              |--P. (Hypophylloceras Salfeld 1924) DJ95
              |    |--P. (*H.) ononense Stanton 1895 DJ95
              |    |--P. (H.) moussoni (Ooster 1860) [=Ammonites moussoni] DJ95
              |    |--P. (H.) ponticuli (Rousseau 1842) (see below for synonymy) DJ95
              |    |    |--P. p. ponticuli DJ95
              |    |    `--P. p. plicatum Delanoy & Joly 1995 DJ95
              |    |--‘Hypophylloceras’ subramosum TLY03
              |    |--P. (H.) thetys DJ95
              |    `--P. (H.) velledae (Michelin 1838) KK08
              |--P. (Macrophylloceras) grossicostatum EK02
              |--‘Hypophylloceras’ (Neophylloceras) Spath 1927 EK02
              `--P. (Partschiceras) EK02
                   |--P. (*P.) monestieri P87
                   |--P. (P.) grantzi EK02
                   `--P. (P.) pacificum Frebold & Tipper 1975 EK02

Phylloceras (Hypophylloceras) ponticuli (Rousseau 1842) [=Ammonites ponticuli, Calliphylloceras ponticuli, Euphylloceras ponticuli] DJ95

*Phylloceras (Phylloceras) heterophyllum (Sowerby 1820) DJ95 [=Ammonites heterophyllus DJ95; incl. A. heterophyllus amalthei Quenstedt 1845 CDH04, A. heterophyllus jurensis Quenstedt 1845 CDH04, A. heterophyllus numismalis Quenstedt 1845 CDH04, A. heterophyllus ornati Quenstedt 1845 CDH04, A. heterophyllus posidoniae Quenstedt 1845 CDH04]

*Phyllopachyceras infundibulum (d’Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites infundibulum, Partschiceras infundibulum, Phylloceras infundibulum] DJ95

Phyllopachyceras oregonense (Anderson 1938) [=Phylloceras oregonense; incl. Phyllopachyceras myrtlense, Phyllopachyceras umquanum] DJ95

*Type species of generic name indicated


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