Biofilm containing Alteromonas sp. and diatom Navicula incerta, from Rivas & Riquelme (2012).

Belongs within: Chromatibacteria.
Contains: Pseudoalteromonas.

The Alteromonadaceae are a group of marine gamma-Proteobacteria defined on phylogenetic grounds.

Characters (from Ivanova & Mikhailov 2001): Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria. Motile by single flagellum, sometimes sheathed, occasionally forming lateral flagella, fimbria or other sheath-like structure. Not forming endospores or microcysts; sometimes forming capsules. Requiring Na+-ions for growth; sometimes capable of growth in media containing 15% salts. Chemoorganotrophs; oxygen used as electron acceptor. Aerobic or facultatively anaerobic. Usually not denitrifying; arginine dehydrolase absent. Usually utilising glucose, fructose, not utilising mannose. Major isoprenoid quinone usually Q8. Major fatty acids i15:0, 16:0, 16:1 (n-7). G+C content of DNA ranging from 35–50%.

Alteromonadaceae [Alteromonadales]
    |--+--Shewanella GH01
    |  |    |  i. s.: S. frigidimarina DH03
    |  |    |         S. violacea HH03
    |  |    |--S. algae RU03
    |  |    `--+--S. amazonensis RU03
    |  |       `--S. putrefaciens RU03
    |  `--+--Psychromonas DH03
    |     |    |--P. antarctica DH03
    |     |    `--P. kaikoi IT03
    |     `--Moritella RU03
    |          |--M. japonica DH03
    |          |--M. marina YH03
    |          `--M. yayanosii IT03
    `--+--+--+--‘Pseudoalteromonas’ bacteriolytica KI03
       |  |  `--‘Pseudoalteromonas’ sagamiensis Kobayashi, Imada et al. 2003 KI03
       |  `--+--Idiomarina KI03
       |     |    |--+--I. abyssalis DH03
       |     |    |  `--I. loihiensis Donachie, Hou et al. 2003 DH03
       |     |    `--+--I. baltica DH03
       |     |       `--I. zobellii DH03
       |     `--+--Thalassomonas viridans KI03
       |        `--Colwellia KI03
       |             |--C. demingiae IM01
       |             |--C. hadaliensis IM01
       |             |--C. hornerae KI03
       |             |--C. maris KI03
       |             |--C. psychrerythraea KI03
       |             |--C. psychrotropica IM01
       |             `--C. rossensis IM01
       `--+--Pseudoalteromonas KI03
          |--Glaciecola DH03
          |    |--G. pallidula KI03
          |    `--G. punicea KI03
          `--Alteromonas Baumann, Mandel & Allen 1972 KI03, IM01
               |--‘A. alvinellae’ KI03
               |--A. colwelliana IM01
               |--A. communis IM01
               |--A. fuliginea IM01
               |--A. hanedai IM01
               |--A. infernus IM01
               |--A. macleodii IM01
               |    |--A. m. ssp. macleodii IM01
               |    `--A. m. ssp. fijiensis IM01
               |--A. putrefaciens IM01
               `--A. vaga IM01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[DH03] Donachie, S. P., S. Hou, T. S. Gregory, A. Malahoff & M. Alam. 2003. Idiomarina loihiensis sp. nov., a halophilic γ-proteobacterium from the Lo‘ihi submarine volcano, Hawai‘i. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 1873–1879.

[GH01] Garrity, G. M., & J. G. Holt. 2001. The road map to the Manual. In: Boone, D. R., R. W. Castenholz & G. M. Garrity (eds) Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd ed. vol. 1. The Archaea and the Deeply Branching and Phototrophic Bacteria pp. 119–166. Springer.

[HH03] Hugenholtz, P., & T. Huber. 2003. Chimeric 16S rDNA sequences of diverse origin are accumulating in the public databases. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 289–293.

[IT03] Inagaki, F., K. Takai, H. Hirayama, Y. Yamato, K. H. Nealson & K. Horikoshi. 2003. Distribution and phylogenetic diversity of the subsurface microbial community in a Japanese epithermal gold mine. Extremophiles 7: 307–317.

[IM01] Ivanova, E. P., & V. V. Mikhaylov. 2001. A new famil, Alteromonadaceae fam. nov., including marine Proteobacteria of the genera Alteromonas, Pseudoalteromonas, Idiomarina, and Colwellia. Mikrobiologiya 70 (1): 15–23.

[KI03] Kobayashi, T., C. Imada, A. Hiraishi, H. Tsujibo, K. Miyamoto, N. Hamada & E. Watanabe. 2003. Pseudoalteromonas sagamiensis sp. nov., a marine bacterium that produces protease inhibitors. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 1807–1811.

[RU03] Romanenko, L. A., M. Uchino, E. Falsen, N. V. Zhukova, V. V. Mikhailov & T. Uchimura. 2003. Rheinheimera pacifica sp. nov., a novel halotolerant bacterium isolated from deep sea water of the Pacific. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 1973–1977.

[YH03] Yumoto, I., K. Hirota, Y. Sogabe, Y. Nodasaka, Y. Yokota & T. Hoshino. 2003. Psychrobacter okhotskensis sp. nov., a lipase-producing facultative psychrophile isolated from the coast of the Okhotsk Sea. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 1985–1989.

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