Cast of Baculites grandis, copyright Ninjatacoshell.

Belongs within: Aptychophora.

The Baculitidae are a Cretaceous group of ammonites whose conchs have an initial coiled section followed by a more or less straight juvenile and adult section (Enseger & Keupp 2002).

    |--Eubaculites Spath 1926 KM08
    |    `--E. carinatus (Morton 1834) KM08 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Sciponoceras K79
    |    |--S. bohemicum K79
    |    |--S. gracile K79
    |    `--S. kossmati K79
    `--Baculites Lamarck 1799 EK02 [incl. Rugaptychus Sp98]
         |--B. anceps K79
         |--B. aquilasensis K79
         |--B. asper K79
         |--B. asperiformis K79
         |--B. baculus K79
         |--B. boulei K79
         |--B. capensis K79
         |--B. chicoense K79
         |--B. claviformis Stephenson 1941 OZ89
         |--B. clinolobatus K79
         |--B. columna K79
         |--B. compressus K79
         |--B. crickmayi K79
         |--B. cuneatus K79
         |--B. eliasi K79
         |--B. gilberti K79
         |--B. grandis K79
         |--B. gregoryensis K79
         |--B. inornatus K79
         |--B. jenseni K79
         |--B. kirki K79
         |--B. lomaensis K79
         |--B. maclearni K79
         |--B. obtusus K79
         |--B. occidentalis K79
         |--B. ovatus W77
         |--B. perplexus K79
         |--B. pseudovatus K79
         |--B. rectus St98
         |--B. reesidei K79
         |--*Rugaptychus’ rugosus (Sharpe 1857) Sp98
         |--B. rex K79
         |--B. schenki K79
         |--B. scotti K79
         |--B. sulcatus M08
         |--B. undatus K79
         |--B. vertebralis K79
         `--B. yokoyamai K79

Nomen nudum: Baculites sheringomensis Crick 1924 KM08

Eubaculites carinatus (Morton 1834) KM08 [incl. Baculites vagina var. ootacodensis KM08, E. ootacodensis K79, B. vagina var. simplex KM08]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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