Cheloniceras sp., from here.

Belongs within: Aptychophora.
Contains: Scaphitoidea.

Leptoceras is a genus of small, loosely coiled ammonites known from the Lower Cretaceous ((Upper Berriasian to Valanginian) (Wright et al. 1996). Wiedmann (1969) depicted this genus as ancestral to a number of later ammonite lineages, including both heteromorphic and regular forms.

    |--L. studeri W69
    `--+--L. pumilum W69
       |--+--Paraspiticeras W69
       |  |--Trochleiceras W69
       |  |--Acanthohoplites reesidei W69, K79
       |  `--+--+--Astiericeras W69
       |     |  `--Douvilleiceras W69
       |     |       |--D. clementianum (d’Orbigny 1841) KK08a
       |     |       |--D. inaequinodum (Quenstedt 1849) KK08a
       |     |       |--D. mammillatum (von Schlotheim 1813) KK08a
       |     |       |--D. orbignyi Hyatt 1903 KK08a
       |     |       `--D. scabrosum Casey 1962 KK08a
       |     `--Cheloniceras W69
       |          |  i. s.: C. martinoides K79
       |          |         C. subcornuerianum K79
       |          |         C. subnodocostatum K79
       |          |         C. tschernyschewi K79
       |          |--C. (Cheloniceras) K79
       |          |    |--C. (C.) meyendorfi K79
       |          |    `--C. (C.) parinodum K79
       |          `--C. (Epicheloniceras) K79
       |               |--C. (E.) buxtorfi K79
       |               |--C. (E.) debile K79
       |               `--C. (E.) gracile K79
       `--+--Scaphitoidea W69
          `--Turrilitaceae [Turriculacea] W69
               |--Diplomoceratidae EK02
               |    |--Scalarites Wright & Matsumoto 1954 EK02
               |    `--Diplomoceras Hyatt 1900 OZ89
               |         |--*D. cylindraceum (Defrance 1806) [=Baculites cylindraceae] OZ89
               |         |--D. australe OZ89
               |         |--‘Hamites’ elatior (n. d.) OZ89
               |         |--D. lambi Spath 1953 OZ89
               |         |--D. maximum Olivero & Zinsmeister 1989 OZ89
               |         |--D. notabile OZ89
               |         `--D. (Glyptoxoceras) subcompressum W69
               `--Turrilitidae EK02
                    |  i. s.: Turrilites Lamarck 1801 BR05
                    |           |--T. acutus K79
                    |           `--T. costatus KK08b
                    |         Pseudhelicoceras convolutum W69
                    |         Helicoceras d’Orbigny 1842 W77
                    |           |--H. mortoni W77
                    |           `--H. pariense White 1877 W77
                    |--Algerites W69
                    |--+--Hyphantoceras reussianum W69, K79
                    |  `--Neocrioceras W69
                    `--+--Proturrilitoides W69
                       `--+--Bostrychoceras polyplocum W69, K79
                          |--Cirroceras W69
                          |--Jouaniceras W69
                          |--Anaklinoceras W69
                          `--Axonoceras W69
                               |--A. compressum K79
                               |--A. multicostatum K79
                               `--A. pingue K79

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[W69] Wiedmann, J. 1969. The heteromorphs and ammonoid extinction. Biological Reviews 44: 563–602.

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