Cyclopecten secundus, copyright Te Papa Tongarewa.

Belongs within: Pectinoidea.

Cyclopecten is a genus of deep-sea scallops with a minute, thin, rounded shell.

<==Cyclopecten Verrill 1897 F27
    |  i. s.: C. alaskenis (Dall 1872) W84
    |         C. culebrensis (Smith 1885) W84
    |         C. exquisitus Grau 1959 PP78
    |         C. favus F27
    |         C. murrayi (Smith 1885) [=Pecten murrayi] H09
    |         C. nanus Verrill & Bush 1897 W84
    |         C. obliquus F27
    |         C. thalassinus (Dall 1886) W84
    `--C. (Cyclochlamys Finlay 1927) P61
         |--C. (*C.) transennus (Suter 1913) [=Pecten transenna] P61
         |--C. (C.) aupouria Powell 1937 P61
         |--C. (C.) mestayerae Dell 1956 P61
         |--C. (C.) powelli Dell 1956 P61
         `--C. (C.) secundus Finlay 1927 P61 [=Cyclochlamys secundus F27]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F27] Finlay, H. J. 1927. A further commentary on New Zealand molluscan systematics. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 320–485.

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