Green heron Butorides virescens, copyright Basar.

Belongs within: Ardeidae.

Butorides is a cosmopolitan genus of small herons with a dark bill, black cap, blackish back and wings, and yellow legs.

    |--B. flavicollis N87
    |--B. scapularis SS66
    |--B. stagnatilis S13 [=B. striatus stagnatilis M03]
    |--B. striatus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Ardea striata] CS77
    |    |--B. s. striatus CS77
    |    |--B. s. amurensis (Schrenck 1860) CS77
    |    |--B. s. atricapillus (Afzelius 1805) CS77
    |    |--B. s. brevipes (Ehrenberg 1833) CS77
    |    |--B. s. cinereus Mayr 1943 WS48
    |    |--B. s. macrorhynchus M03
    |    |--B. s. patens E52
    |    |--B. s. rogersi Mathews 1911 WS48
    |    `--B. s. sundevalli HSS13
    `--B. virescens (Linnaeus 1758) CS77
         |--B. v. virescens S18
         |--B. v. hypernotius S18
         `--B. v. maculatus E52

*Type species of generic name indicated


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