Kidderia aupouria, copyright Te Papa Tongarewa.

Belongs within: Neoheterodontei.

The Gaimardiidae are a group of small, thin-shelled bivalves that commonly live attached to floating seaweed.

Gaimardiidae [Gaimardioidea]
    |--Costokidderia Finlay 1927 P61
    |    |--*C. costata (Odhner 1924) [=Kidderia costata] P61
    |    |--C. lyallensis Finlay 1927 P61
    |    `--C. pedica Finlay 1927 P61
    |--Neogaimardia Odhner 1924 P61
    |    |--*N. rostellata [=Kellia rostellata] P61
    |    |--N. finlayi Powell 1933 P61
    |    |--N. minutissima (Iredale 1908) P61 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--N. tasmanica Beddome 1881 [=Modiolarca tasmanica] F27
    |--Gaimardia Gould 1852 P61
    |    |--*G. trapezina (Lamarck 1818) P61, TW07 [=Modiolarca trapesina P61]
    |    |    |--G. t. trapezina P61
    |    |    `--G. t. coccinea Hedley 1916 P61
    |    |--G. aucklandica Finlay 1927 P61
    |    |--G. finlayi HS01
    |    `--G. forsteriana Finlay 1927 P61
    `--Kidderia Dall 1876 P61
         |--*K. minuta P61
         |--K. acrobeles (Suter 1913) P61 [=Gaimardia acrobeles F27, Modiolarca acrobeles F27]
         |--K. aupouria Powell 1933 P61
         |    |--K. a. aupouria P61
         |    `--K. a. fiordlandica Fleming 1948 P61
         |--K. campbellica Odhner 1924 P61
         |--K. hamiltoni Finlay 1927 P61 [=Mytilus pusillus Gould 1916 non Macgillivray 1843 F27, Modiolarca pusilla F27]
         |--K. macquariensis Hedley 1916 P61
         |--K. marshalli Fleming 1948 P61
         |--K. rakiura Powell 1939 P61
         `--K. smithi Suter 1913 P61 [=Modiolarca smithi F27]

Neogaimardia minutissima (Iredale 1908) P61 [=Modiolarca minutissima F27, Gaimardia minutissima F27, Lasaea minutissima F27]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F27] Finlay, H. J. 1927. A further commentary on New Zealand molluscan systematics. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 320–485.

[HS01] Hayward, B. W., A. B. Stephenson, M. S. Morley, W. M. Blom, H. R. Grenfell, F. J. Brook, J. L. Riley, F. Thompson & J. J. Hayward. 2001. Marine biota of Parengarenga Harbour, Northland, New Zealand. Records of the Auckland Museum 37: 45–80.

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[TW07] Taylor, J. D., S. T. Williams, E. A. Glover & P. Dyal. 2007. A molecular phylogeny of heterodont bivalves (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Heterodonta): new analyses of 18S and 28S rRNA genes. Zoologica Scripta 36 (6): 587–606.

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