Megninia sp., copyright Daktaridudu.

Belongs within: Analgoidea.

The Analgidae are a group of mites inhabiting the feathers of a variety of birds, most commonly Passeriformes (OConnor 2009).

Characters (from OConnor 2009): Chelicerae well developed; legs III and IV inserted laterally or ventrally; genu III with solenidion ς present; tibia IV with one ventral seta; tarsus I with solenidion ω1 inserted basally; pretarsal ambulacral stalk thickened, asymmetrical, with ventral surface convex, distally rounded at point of contact with ambulacral disc, arising ventrally from tarsal apex.

<==Analgidae DW10
    |--Kiwialges WP99
    |--Diplaegidia columbae DW10
    |--Ancyralges O09
    |--Plesialges Trouessart in Trouessart & Berlese 1919 H98
    |    `--P. mimus Trouessart & Berlese 1919 H98
    |--Anhemialges Gaud & Mouchet 1959 H98
    |    |--A. gracillimus (Bonnet 1924) [=Megninia gracillima] H98
    |    `--A. longipes DW10
    |--Analges Nitzsch in Ersch & Grube 1818 H98
    |    |--A. corvinus DW10
    |    |--A. passerinus DW10
    |    |--A. sturninus DW10
    |    `--A. tetracentros Trouessart 1899 [=A. tetracentrus (l. c.)] H98
    `--Megninia Berlese 1883 H98
         |--M. acutipes Bonnet 1924 H98
         |--M. analgoides Bonnet 1924 H98
         |--M. columbae E-KO07
         |--M. cubitalis (Mégnin in Robin & Mégnin 1877) [=Dermalichus cubitalis] H98
         |--M. ginglymura (Mégnin in Robin & Mégnin 1877) [=Analges ginglymura] H98
         `--M. hologastra Gaud 1975 H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


[DW10] Dabert, M., W. Witalinski, A. Kazmierski, Z. Olszanowski & J. Dabert. 2010. Molecular phylogeny of acariform mites (Acari, Arachnida): strong conflict between phylogenetic signal and long-branch attraction artifacts. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 56 (1): 222–241.

[E-KO07] El-Kammah, K. M., & L. M. I. Oyoun. 2007. Taxonomic records of mite species associated with animal and poultry farms in the Nile delta, vally and N. Sinai Egypt. In: Morales-Malacara, J. B., V. M. Behan-Pelletier, E. Ueckermann, T. M. Pérez, E. G. Estrada-Venegas & M. Badii (eds) Acarology XI: Proceedings of the International Congress pp. 223–232. Instituto de Biología and Faculdad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Sociedad Latinoamericana de Acarología: México.

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[WP99] Walter, D. E., & H. C. Proctor. 1999. Mites: Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour. CABI Publishing: Wallingford (UK).

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