Onchocerca volvulus, from here.

Belongs within: Spiruromorpha.

The Onchocercidae are a group of parasitic nematodes whose life cycles alternate between insect and tetrapod hosts. The early larval stages lack spines and accumulate in host tissues, and the adults have a smooth and rounded head.

    |--Litomosoides L07
    |    |--L. oxymycteri L07
    |    `--L. sigmodontis PB07 [incl. L. carinii J02]
    `--Onchocerca PB07
         |--O. armillata G02
         |--O. cervicalis B02
         |--O. gutturosa B02
         |--O. lienalis L02
         |--O. ochengi B02
         `--O. volvulus PB07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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