Haematobosca stimulans, copyright Janet Graham.

Belongs within: Azeliinae.
Contains: Neomyia, Mesembrina, Morellia, Musca.

The Muscinae are a group of house flies with a plumose arista, the plumes being more dense (sometimes exclusively) on the upper side (Fan 1992). The lower calypter is broad and posteriorly subtruncate, and the inner corner extends slightly under the scutellum at rest. The stable flies of the genus Stomoxys and horn flies Haematobia and Haematobosca have the proboscis hardened into a stabbing organ for piercing skin. The palpus is about as long as the proboscis in Haematobia and Haematobosca but considerably shorter in Stomoxys. The arista bears both dorsal and ventral plumes in Haematobosca but dorsal plumes only in Haematobia (Couri 2010).

Muscinae [Haematobiini, Muscini, Stomoxydinae] KP10
    |--+--+--Mesembrina KP10
    |  |  `--Polietes Rondani 1866 KP10, F92
    |  |       |--*P. lardaria (Fabricius 1781) [=Musca lardaria] F92
    |  |       |--P. domitor (Harris 1780) [=Musca domitor; incl. M. albolineata Fallén 1823] F92
    |  |       |--P. fuscisquamosus Emden 1965 [incl. P. (Pseudomorellia) omeishanensis Fan 1965] F92
    |  |       |--P. hirticrura Meade 1887 F92
    |  |       |--P. koreicus Park & Shinonaga 1985 F92
    |  |       |--P. nigrolimbata (Bonsdorff 1866) [=Aricia nigrolimbata] F92
    |  |       `--P. orientalis Pont 1972 F92
    |  `--Morellia KP10
    `--+--+--Haematobia Lepeletier & Serville in Latreille et al. 1828 KP10, C10
       |  |    |--*H. irritans (Linnaeus 1758) [=Conops irritans, Lyperosia irritans] F92
       |  |    |--H. exigua de Meijere 1903 F92 (see below for synonymy)
       |  |    |--H. minuta (Bezzi 1892) [=Lyperosia minuta] F92
       |  |    |--H. stimulans A71
       |  |    `--H. titillans (Bezzi 1907) [=Lyperosia titillans] F92
       |  `--+--Musca KP10
       |     `--Eudasyphora Townsend 1911 KP10, F92
       |          |--E. cyanella (Meigen 1826) (see below for synonymy) F92
       |          |--E. cyanicolor (Zetterstedt 1845) [=Pyrellia cyanicolor, Dasyphora cyanicolor] F92
       |          |--E. dasyprosterna Fan & Qian in Fan 1992 F92
       |          |--E. kempi (Emden 1965) (see below for synonymy) F92
       |          |--E. pavlovskyi (Zimin 1951) F92
       |          `--E. tateyamensis Shinonaga 1976 F92
       `--Stomoxyini C10
          |--Haematostoma Malloch 1932 F92
          |--Stomoxys Geoffroy 1762 KP10, F92
          |    |--*S. calcitrans (Linnaeus 1758) [=Conops calcitrans] F92
          |    |--S. indicus Picard 1908 F92
          |    |--S. sitiens Rondani 1873 (see below for synonymy) F92
          |    `--S. uruma Shinonaga & Kano 1966 F92
          `--Haematobosca Bezzi 1907 C10
               |  i. s.: H. alcis HV87
               |--H. (Haematobosca) F92
               |    |--*H. (H.) atripalpis (Bezzi 1895) [=Haematobia atripalpis] F92
               |    `--H. (H.) perturbans (Bezzi 1907) [=Siphona perturbans] F92
               |--H. (Bdellolarynx Austen 1909) F92
               |    `--H. (B.) sanguinolenta (Austen 1909) (see below for synonymy) F92
               `--H. (Lyperosiops Townsend 1912) F92
                    `--H. (L.) stimulans (Meigen 1824) [=Stomoxys stimulans] F92

Muscinae incertae sedis:
  Mitroplatia Enderlein 1935 F92
    |--*M. pygmaea Enderlein 1935 F92
    |--M. albisquama F92
    `--M. nivemaculata Fan, Fang & Yang in Fan 1992 F92
  Dasyphora Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 F92
    |--D. pratorum (Meigen 1826) RD77, F92 (see below for synonymy)
    |--D. albofasciata (Macquart in Webb & Berthelot 1839) (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--D. apicotaeniata Ni 1982 F92
    |--D. asiatica Zimin 1947 F92
    |--D. gansuensis Ni 1982 F92
    |--D. gussakovskii Zimin 1947 F92
    |--D. paraversicolor Zimin 1951 F92
    |--D. quadrisetosa Zimin 1951 [incl. D. huiliensis Ni 1982, D. sinensis Ma 1979] F92
    |--D. tianshanensis Ni 1982 F92
    `--D. trichosterna Zimin 1951 F92
  Rypellia Malloch 1931 F92
    |--*R. flavipes Malloch 1931 F92
    |--R. malaisei (Emden 1965) [=Dasyphora (Rypellia) malaisei] F92
    `--R. semilutea (Malloch 1923) (see below for synonymy) F92
  Pyrellia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 F92
    |--*P. vivida Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 F92
    |--P. habaheensis Fan & Qian in Fan 1992 F92
    |--P. minuta Zimin 1951 F92
    |--P. rapax (Harris 1870) (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--P. secunda Zimin 1951 F92
    `--P. serena K01
  Neomyia F92
  Curranosia Paterson 1957 F92
  Stygeromyia Austen 1907 F92
    `--S. maculosa Austen 1907 F92
  Myiophaea Enderlein 1935 C10
    `--M. spissa (Walker 1858) [=Bengalia spissa; incl. *M. ralumensis Enderlein 1935] C10

Dasyphora albofasciata (Macquart in Webb & Berthelot 1839) [=Lucilia albofasciata; incl. D. saltuum Rondani 1862] F92

Dasyphora pratorum (Meigen 1826) RD77, F92 [=Musca pratorum F92; incl. M. agilis Meigen 1826 F92, *Dasyphora agilis F92]

Eudasyphora cyanella (Meigen 1826) [=Musca cyanella, Dasyphora cyanella; incl. Lucilia lasiophthalma Macquart 1834, *Eudasyphora lasiophthalma] F92

Eudasyphora kempi (Emden 1965) [=Dasyphora cyanicolor kempi, E. cyanicolor kempi; incl. D. qinghaiensis Ni 1982] F92

Haematobia exigua de Meijere 1903 F92 [=H. irritans exigua F04; incl. Haematobia australis Malloch 1932 F92, Lyperosia flavohirta Brunetti 1910 F92]

Haematobosca (Bdellolarynx) sanguinolenta (Austen 1909) [=Bdellolarynx sanguinolenta; incl. Haematobia aculeata Séguy 1935, Siphona carabao Bohart & Gressitt 1946, Haematobia chinensis Patton 1933, Haematobia rufipes Stein 1918] F92

Pyrellia rapax (Harris 1870) [=Musca rapax; incl. M. aenea Zetterstedt 1838, Pyrellia ignita Robineau-Desvoidy 1830] F92

Rypellia semilutea (Malloch 1923) [=Orthellia semilutea; incl. Pyrellia flavipes Enderlein 1934 non R. flavipes Malloch 1931, R. fulvipes Malloch 1932] F92

Stomoxys sitiens Rondani 1873 [=Stomoxia sitiens; incl. Stomoxys dubitalis Malloch 1932, Stomoxys separabilis Séguy 1935] F92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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