Leptogenys workers collecting a millipede, copyright Christian Peeters. Some individuals have been marked with red paint for study purposes.

Belongs within: Ponerinae.

Leptogenys is a pantropical genus of ants in which the tarsal claws have at least one ventral tooth and are usually pectinate. In a number of species the mandibles are remarkably long and edentate with an acute apex; species that retain a more or less distinct, generally toothed masticatory margin at the apex have historically been treated as a distinct genus Lobopelta (Bingham 1903).

<==Leptogenys Roger 1861 FT08 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*L. falicigera Roger 1861 Z01
    |--L. acutangula (Emery 1914) [L. (Lobopelta) acutangula; incl. L. acutangula var. brevinoda Emery 1914] E14
    |--‘Lobopelta’ altisquamis Forel 1900 B03
    |--L. angustinoda Clark 1934 [=L. (Lobopelta) angustinoda] TB85
    |--L. anitae Forel 1915 [=L. (Lobopelta) anitae] TB85
    |--‘Lobopelta’ aspera André 1889 B03
    |--‘Lobopelta’ assamensis Forel 1900 B03
    |--L. bidentata Forel 1900 [=L. (Lobopelta) bidentata] TB85
    |--‘Lobopelta’ binghami Forel 1900 B03
    |--‘Lobopelta’ birmana Forel 1900 B03
    |--‘Lobopelta’ castanea B03
    |--L. chelifer (Santschi 1928) [=Pseudoponera chelifer] TB85
    |--L. chinensis (Mayr 1870) [=Lobopelta chinensis] Z01
    |--L. clarki Wheeler 1933 TB85
    |--L. conigera (Mayr 1876) [=Lobopelta conigera] TB85
    |    |--L. c. conigera TB85
    |    |--L. c. adlerzi Forel 1900 [=L. (Lobopelta) conigera adlerzi] TB85
    |    |--L. c. centralis Wheeler 1915 [=L. (Lobopelta) conigera centralis] TB85
    |    |--L. c. exigua Crawley 1921 [=L. (Lobopelta) conigera exigua] TB85
    |    `--L. c. mutans Forel 1900 [=L. (Lobopelta) conigera mutans] TB85
    |--‘Lobopelta’ coonoorensis Forel 1900 B03
    |--L. crassicornis Emery 1894 [=Lobopelta crassicornis] B03
    |--‘Lobopelta’ dalyi Forel 1900 B03
    |--L. darlingtoni Wheeler 1933 [=L. (Lobopelta) darlingtoni] TB85
    |--‘Lobopelta’ dentilobis Forel 1900 B03
    |--L. diminuta (Smith 1857) Z01 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--L. d. diminuta TB85
    |    `--L. d. yarrabahna Forel 1915 [=L. (Lobopelta) diminuta yarrabahna] TB85
    |--‘Lobopelta’ distinguenda Emery 1887 B03
    |--L. ebenina Forel 1915 [=L. (Lobopelta) ebenina] TB85
    |--‘Lobopelta’ emiliae Forel 1902 B03
    |--L. excisa (Mayr 1876) [=Lobopelta excisa] TB85
    |    |--L. e. excisa TB85
    |    `--L. e. major Forel 1910 [=L. (Lobopelta) excisa major] TB85
    |--L. fallax (Mayr 1876) [=Lobopelta fallax] TB85
    |    |--L. f. fallax TB85
    |    `--L. f. fortior Forel 1900 [=L. (Lobopelta) fallax fortior] TB85
    |--L. hackeri Clark 1934 [=L. (Lobopelta) hackeri] TB85
    |--L. harmsi Donisthorpe 1935 FT08
    |--L. hezhouensis Zhou 2001 Z01
    |--‘Lobopelta’ hodgsoni Forel 1900 B03
    |--L. huapingensis Zhou 2001 Z01
    |--L. hysterica (Forel 1900) Z01, B03 [=Lobopelta hysterica B03]
    |--L. intricata Viehmeyer 1924 [=L. (Lobopelta) intricata] TB85
    |--L. kitteli (Mayr 1870) [=Lobopelta kitteli] Z01
    |--L. kraepalini N-ZLI11
    |--L. lucidula Emery 1894 [=Lobopelta lucidula] B03
    |--L. magna Forel 1900 [=L. (Lobopelta) magna] TB85
    |--L. minchinii (Forel 1900) [=Lobopelta minchinii] Z01
    |--L. mjobergi Forel 1915 [=L. (Lobopelta) mjobergi] TB85
    |--L. mutabilis N-ZLI11
    |--‘Lobopelta’ moelleri Bingham 1903 B03
    |--L. myops N-ZLI11
    |--L. neutralis Forel 1907 [=L. (Lobopelta) neutralis] TB85
    |--‘Lobopelta’ ocellifera Roger 1861 [incl. L. distinguenda var. andrei Emery 1887] B03
    |--‘Lobopelta’ palliseri Forel 1900 B03
    |--L. parvula N-ZLI11
    |--‘Lobopelta’ peuqueti André 1887 B03
    |--L. pruinosa Forel 1900 B03
    |--L. punctata Emery 1914 [=L. (Lobopelta) punctata] E14
    |--‘Lobopelta’ punctiventris Mayr 1878 B03
    |--‘Lobopelta’ roberti Forel 1900 B03
    |--L. sjostedti Forel 1915 TB85
    |--L. strena Zhou 2001 Z01
    |--L. striatula Emery 1894 [=Lobopelta striatula] B03
    |--L. tricosa Taylor 1969 [=*Dorylozelus mjobergi Forel 1915 non L. mjobergi Forel 1915] TB85
    |--L. turneri Forel 1900 [=L. (*Odontopelta) turneri] TB85
    |    |--L. t. turneri TB85
    |    `--L. t. longensis Forel 1915 [=L. (Odontopelta) turneri longensis] TB85
    |--‘Lobopelta’ watsoni Forel 1900 B03
    |--‘Lobopelta’ woodmasoni Forel 1886 B03
    `--L. yerburyi (Forel 1900) Z01, B03 [=Lobopelta yerburyi B03]

Leptogenys Roger 1861 FT08 [incl. Dorylozelus Forel 1915 TB85, Lobopelta Mayr 1862 B03, Machaerogenys Emery 1911 Z01, Microbolbos Donisthorpe 1948 Z01, Odontopelta Mayr 1866 Z01, Prinogenys Emery 1911 Z01]

Leptogenys diminuta (Smith 1857) Z01 [=Ponera diminuta TB85, *Lobopelta diminuta B03; incl. Leptogenys diminuta amboinensis Karavajew 1925 Z01, Le. diminuta var. bismarckensis Forel 1901 Z01, Ponera ferox Smith 1865 Z01, Le. diminuta fruhstorferi var. huruensis Karavajew 1925 Z01, P. laeviceps Smith 1857 B03, Lobopelta diminuta var. opacinodis Emery 1887 B03, Leptogenys diminuta var. santischii Mann 1919 Z01, Lo. diminuta var. sarasinorum Forel 1901 B03, Ponera simillima Smith 1860 Z01, Lo. simillima Z01, Leptogenys diminuta var. stitzi Viehmeyer 1924 Z01, Le. diminuta var. yarrahahna Forel 1915 Z01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[Z01] Zhou, S. 2001. Ants of Guangxi. Guangxi Normal University Press: Guilin (China).

Last updated: 14 June 2020.

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