Omma stanleyi, copyright David Maddison.

Belongs within: Coleoptera.

The Archostemata are a distinctive group of wood-boring beetles with the labrum fused to the head capsule in adults, and a distinctive wing-tucking mechanism where the wing tips are rolled rather than folded under the elytra (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). The most widespread family in the modern fauna is the Cupedidae, members of which have the the antennal insertions dorsal and more or less approximate, fore coxal cavities separated by a prosternal process, lobed fourth tarsomeres, and grooves on the underside of the thorax for reception of the legs. The Ommatidae of South America and Australia have shorter, laterally inserted antennae, contiguous fore coxal cavities and simple tarsomeres.

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<==Archostemata [Cupedoidea]
    |--+--Micromalthus LeConte 1879 MW15, PY01 [Micromalthidae, Micromalthinae, Micromalthoidea]
    |  |    `---M. debilis LeConte 1878 PN02
    |  `--Ommatidae [Ommatinae, Ommatini, Tetraphaleridae, Tetraphalerini] MW15
    |       |--Notocupes Ponomarenko 1964 KL01
    |       |--Omamima GE05
    |       |--Tetraphalerites GE05
    |       |--Tetraphalerus Waterhouse 1901 LM87, W01
    |       |    |--*T. wagneri Waterhouse 1901 W01
    |       |    |--T. bruchi HR11
    |       |    `--T. verrucosus P02
    |       `--Omma Newman 1839 LM87
    |            |--*O. stanleyi Newman 1839 LM87
    |            |--O. mastersi Macleay 1871 LM87
    |            |--O. sagitta B14
    |            `--O. varians B70
    `--Cupedidae [Cupesidae, Triadocupedidae] MW15
         |  i. s.: Chengdecupes shilouense Hong 1985 RJ93
         |--Triadocupedinae P02
         |--Mesocupedinae LM87
         `--Cupedinae Y01
              |  i. s.: Rhipsidegma raffrayi (Fairmaire 1884) B14
              |         Adinolepis Neboiss 1984 LM87
              |           |--*A. eumana (Neboiss 1960) [=Cupes eumana] LM87
              |           |--A. mathesonae (Neboiss 1960) [=Cupes mathesonae] LM87
              |           |--A. scalena Neboiss 1984 LM87
              |           `--A. youanga (Neboiss 1960) [=Cupes youanga] LM87
              |         Ascioplaga Y01
              |         Paracupes brasiliensis Y01
              |--Priacma LeConte 1874 MW15, Y01 [Priacminae]
              |    `--P. serrata (LeConte 1861) B14
              `--+--Prolixocupes Neboiss 1959 MW15, Y01
                 |    |--P. laterillei Y01
                 |    `--P. lobiceps HR11
                 `--+--Tenomerga Neboiss 1984 MW15, Y01
                    |    |--T. cinereus Y01
                    |    |--T. concolor LM87
                    |    `--T. mucida LM87
                    `--+--Distocupes Neboiss 1984 MW15, LM87
                       |    `--*D. varians (Lea 1902) [=Cupes varians] LM87
                       `--Cupes Fabricius 1801 MW15, Y01
                            |--C. capitatus Fabricius 1801 B14 [=Lymexylon (Cupes) capitatum G20]
                            `--C. latreillei RD77

Archostemata incertae sedis:
  Jurodidae B14
    |--Sikhotealinia [Sikhotealiniidae] B14
    |    `--S. zhiltzovae Lafer 1996 B14
    `--Jurodes B14
         |--J. ignoramus Ponomarenko 1985 RJ93
         `--J. minor Ponomarenko 1990 RJ93
  Obrienia P02 [Obrieniidae GE05]
    `--O. kuscheli P02
  Crowsoniella [Crowsoniellidae] Y01
    `--C. relicta Pace 1975 B14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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