Mounted skeleton of Hyaenodon horridus in the Royal Ontario Museum, photographed by Daderot.

Belongs within: Creodonta.

The Hyaenodontinae are a group of Eocene to Oligocene carnivorous, often cursorial mammals.

Characters (from Polly 1996): Hyaenodontids without metaconid, with narrow distal humerus, with nuchal crest extending to the mastoid process, with robust bridge over the foramen stylomastoid primitivum, without bony ridge dividing the posterior petrosal sinus from the foramen stylomastoid primitivum, with inflated posterior petrosal sinus, and with horse-shoe shaped subarcuate fossa.

<==Hyaenodontinae [Hyaenodontini]
    |--Leakitherium hiwegi S78
    |--Megistotherium osteothlastes S78
    |--Megalopterodon S78
    |--Hyaenodon Laizer & Parieu 1838 (see below for synonymy) V66
    |    |--H. andrewsi S78
    |    |--H. brachycephalus Osborn 1909 S68
    |    |--H. brevirostris V91
    |    |--H. cruentus V91
    |    |--H. horridus V91
    |    |--H. leptorhynchus S78
    |    |--H. matthewi S78
    |    `--H. pilgrimi S78
    |--Ischnognathus Stovall 1948 V66
    `--Hemipsalodon Cope 1885 V66

Hyaenodon Laizer & Parieu 1838 [incl. Neohyaenodon Thorpe 1922, Protohyaenodon Stock 1933, Pseudopterodon Schlosser 1887, Taxotherium Blainville 1841] V66

*Type species of generic name indicated


Polly, P. D. 1996. The skeleton of Gazinocyon vulpeculus gen. et comb. nov. and the cladistic relationships of Hyaenodontidae (Eutheria, Mammalia). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 16 (2): 303-319.

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[V66] Van Valen, L. 1966. Deltatheridia, a new order of mammals. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 132 (1): 1-126.

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