Male Lipochromis melanopterus, from

Belongs within: Astatotilapia.

Lipochromis is a genus of cichlids found in Lake Victoria, characteristed by a thick-lipped, widely distensible and protractile mouth with small teeth deeply embedded in the oral mucosa (Greenwood 1980).

Lipochromis Regan 1920 G80
    |--L. (Cleptochromis Greenwood 1980) G80
    |    |--L. (*C.) parvidens (Boulenger 1911) G80 [=Paratilapia parvidens G80, Haplochromis parvidens G74]
    |    `--+--L. (C.) cryptodon (Greenwood 1959) G80 [=Haplochromis cryptodon G74]
    |       `--L. (C.) microdon (Boulenger 1906) G80 [=Haplochromis microdon G74]
    `--+--‘Haplochromis’ cronus Greenwood 1959 G74, G80
       `--L. (Lipochromis) G80
            |  i. s.: L. (L.) taurinus (Trewavas 1933) [=Haplochromis taurinus] G80
            |--*L. (L.) obesus (Boulenger 1906) G80 (see below for synonymy)
            `--+--L. (L.) maxillaris (Trewavas 1928) G80 [=Haplochromis maxillaris G74]
               `--L. (L.) melanopterus (Trewavas 1928) G80 [=Haplochromis melanopterus G74]

*Lipochromis (Lipochromis) obesus (Boulenger 1906) G80 [=Paratilapia obesus G80, Haplochromis obesus G74, Pelmatochromis obesus G80]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G74] Greenwood, P. H. 1974. The cichlid fishes of Lake Vistoria, East Africa: The biology and evolution of a species flock. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Zoology Suppl. 6: 1–134.

[G80] Greenwood, P. H. 1980. Towards a phyletic classification of the ‘genus’ Haplochromis (Pisces, Cichlidae) and related taxa. Part II; the species from Lakes Victoria, Nabugabo, Edward, George and Kivu. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Zoology 39: 1–101.

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