Silvanus lateritius, photographed by S. E. Thorpe.

Belongs within: Cucujoidea.

The Silvanidae are a group of elongate, more or less flattened beetles found living in leaf litter and under bark; several species are widely distributed as storage pests.

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Elongate, parallel-sided, more or less flattened, pubescent beetles with prognathous head, abruptly constricted posteriorly to form temples behind eyes, pronotum often with projecting front angles and/or dentate or crenulate lateral margins. Fore coxae globular, trochantins concealed, coxal cavities visibly closed behind; mid coxal cavities laterally open; tarsi four- or five-segmented, with setose lobes below; abdomen with five visible ventrites, two connate. Larvae elongate, parallel-sided and lightly sclerotised, with broad head, long antennae and legs, reduced 9th abdominal segment, and well-developed and terminal 10th segment.

<==Silvanidae [Silvaninae]
    |--Silvanolomus armatulus (Blackburn 1891) [=Silvanus armatulus] H73
    |--Austronausibius LB91
    |--Nepharis LB91
    |--Nepharinus LB91
    |--Airaphilus nubigena [=Silvanus nubigena] H73
    |--*Silvanops angulicollis [=Silvanus angulicollis] H73
    |--Silvaninus H73
    |--Coccidotrophus socialis RD77
    |--Eunausibius wheeleri RD77
    |--Ahasverus [incl. Leucohimatiops Heller 1923] L03
    |    `--A. advena L03 [=Cathartus advena V09; incl. *Leucohimatiops javanus Heller 1923 L03]
    |--Cathartoides Kessel 1921 H73
    |    `--*C. africanus (Kessel 1921) (n. d.) [=Silvanus (*Cathartoides) africanus] H73
    |--Calpus Halstead 1973 H73
    |    `--*C. bacchi Halstead 1973 H73
    |--Nausibius LB91
    |    |--N. clavicornis LB91
    |    `--N. latus [=Silvanus latus] H73
    |--Cathartus H73
    |    |--C. longulus Blatchley 1910 [incl. Silvanus parviceps Casey 1916] H73
    |    `--C. quadricollis B70
    |--Pensus Halstead 1973 H73
    |    |--*P. gilae (Casey 1884) [=Silvanus gilae] H73
    |    `--P. guatemalenus (Sharp 1899) [=Silvanus guatemalenus] H73
    |--Silvanoides Halstead 1973 H73
    |    |--*S. cheesmanae Halstead 1973 H73
    |    `--S. foveicollis Halstead 1973 H73
    |--Monanus LB91
    |    |--M. albertesi [=Silvanus albertesi] H73
    |    |--M. concinnulus LB91
    |    |--M. longicornis [=Silvanus longicornis] H73
    |    `--M. monticola (Blackburn 1891) [=Silvanus monticola] H73
    |--Silvanoprus H73
    |    |--S. birmanicus (Grouvelle 1892) [=Silvanus birmanicus] H73
    |    |--S. frater (Grouvelle 1904) [=Silvanus frater] H73
    |    |--S. orientalis [=Silvanus orientalis] H73
    |    `--S. porrectus (Walker 1859) [=Silvanus porrectus] H73
    |--Cathartosilvanus Grouvelle 1912 H73
    |    |--*C. trivialis (Grouvelle 1878) [=Silvanus trivialis] H73
    |    |--C. imbellis (LeConte 1854) [=Silvanus imbellis; incl. S. communis Grouvelle 1878] H73
    |    |--C. tropicalis (Van Dyke 1953) [=Silvanus tropicalis] H73
    |    `--C. vulgaris (Grouvelle 1878) [=Silvanus vulgaris] H73
    |--Oryzaephilus B14
    |    |--O. abeillei [=Silvanus abeillei] H73
    |    |--O. aridulus [=Silvanus aridulus] H73
    |    |--O. fauveli (Reitter 1890) [=Silvanus fauveli] H73
    |    |--O. mercator (Fauvel 1889) B14
    |    `--O. surinamensis B14
    |--Protosilvanus Grouvelle 1912 H73
    |    |--*P. lateritius (Reitter 1879) [=Silvanus lateritius] H73
    |    |--P. carinatus (Grouvelle 1912) [=Silvanus (Protosilvanus) carinatus] H73
    |    |--P. fasciatus Halstead 1973 H73
    |    |--P. granosus (Grouvelle 1897) [=Silvanus granosus] H73
    |    `--P. inaequalis (Grouvelle 1882) [=Silvanus inaequalis] H73
    |--Parasilvanus Grouvelle 1912 H73
    |    |--*P. ocellatus (Grouvelle 1889) [=Silvanus ocellatus] H73
    |    |--P. fairmairei (Grouvelle 1882) [=Silvanus fairmairei; incl. S. filum Krantz 1895] H73
    |    |--P. mimosae Halstead 1973 H73
    |    |--P. oblitus (Grouvelle 1909) [=Silvanus oblitus] H73
    |    |--P. pulcher (Grouvelle 1905) [=Silvanus pulcher] H73
    |    `--P. tenuis (Grouvelle 1889) [=Silvanus tenuis] H73
    `--Silvanus Latreille 1804 [=Leptus Duftschmidt 1823 non Latreille 1796; incl. Microsilvanus Grouvelle 1912] H73
         |--*S. unidentatus (Olivier 1790) H73 (see below for synonymy)
         |--S. bidentatus (Fabricius 1792) H73 (see below for synonymy)
         |--S. castaneus MacLeay 1873 H73
         |--S. difficilis Halstead 1973 H73
         |--S. inarmatus Wollaston 1867 [incl. S. hebetatus Grouvelle 1912, S. quadraticollis Reitter 1876] H73
         |--S. lateritius (Broun 1880) (see below for synonymy) H73
         |--S. lewisi Reitter 1876 H73
         |--S. mediocris Grouvelle 1889 H73
         |--S. muticus Sharp 1899 H73
         |--S. nitidulus LeConte 1854 H73
         |--S. planatus Germar 1824 [incl. S. cognatus LeConte 1854, S. zimmermanni Guérin-Méneville 1844] H73
         |--S. productus Halstead 1973 H73
         |--S. proximus Grouvelle 1904 [incl. S. amabilis Grouvelle 1914] H73
         |--S. recticollis Reitter 1876 (see below for synonymy) H73
         |--S. robustus Halstead 1973 H73
         |--S. rossi Halstead 1973 H73
         |--S. semus Halstead 1973 H73
         |--S. surinamensis C01
         `--S. tetrahens Walker 1858 (n. d.) H73

Nomina nuda: Silvanus crenatulus Hetschko 1930 H73
             Silvanus ornatulus Hetschko 1930 H73

Silvanus bidentatus (Fabricius 1792) H73 [=Dermestes bidentatus H73; incl. S. affinis Reitter 1876 H73, S. bidentatus var. affinis H73, Colydium sulcatum Fabricius 1792 H73, Lyctus sulcatus L02, Trogossita sulcata L02]

Silvanus lateritius (Broun 1880) [=Cryptamorpha lateritia non S. lateritius Reitter 1879 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)] H73

Silvanus recticollis Reitter 1876 [incl. Leucohimatium breve Wollaston 1873 (n. d.), S. (Microsilvanus) minimus Grouvelle 1912, S. (M.) pumilus Grouvelle 1912, S. reflexus Reitter 1880, S. vitulus Grouvelle 1882, S. (Microsilvanus) vitulus] H73

*Silvanus unidentatus (Olivier 1790) H73 [=Ips unidentata H73, Colydium (Silvanus) unidentatum G20, Dermestes unidentatus H73, Lyctus unidentatus L02; incl. Silvanus gratiosus Motschulsky 1863 H73, Colydium planum Herbst 1797 H73, S. siculus Stierlin 1864 H73]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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