Lacinius horridus, copyright AfroBrazilian.

Belongs within: Phalangiidae.

Lacinius is a western Palaearctic genus of generally spiny harvestmen.

Characters (from Martens 1978): Sexual dimorphism insignificant. Pedipalp primarily denticulate on femur and patella, rarely on other segments and then sparse, all segments lacking well-developed apophysis but sometimes with medial, brush-like hairy protrusions. Cheliceral lamellae smooth. Frontal margin with three median thorn-like denticles, either equally long or the middle longest. Tuber oculorum low, one or two times its own length from frontal margin. Truncus of penis slender to stocky, continuously narrowed distad from the base, sometimes slightly enlarged sub-distally; basal part of truncus rounded; mostly dorso-distally or ventro-distally flat or dorso-ventrally flattened; glans mostly sharply keeled below; musculature occupying at least basal half of trunk; truncus never with dorso-distal longitudinal groove.

<==Lacinius Thorell 1876 MDP15 [incl. Acantholophus Koch 1839 non Boisduval 1835 C92, Bidentolophus Roewer 1912 MDP15]
    |--*L. horridus (Panzer 1794) C92 (see below for synonymy)
    |--‘Opilio’ adungius Roewer 1956 [=Bidentolophus adungius; incl. O. birmanicus Roewer 1956] S03
    |--L. angulifer (Simon 1878) MDP15 [=Acantholophus angulifer S84]
    |--L. bidens (Simon 1880) MDP15 (see below for synonymy)
    |--L. bizleyi Mitov, Dunlop & Penney 2015 MDP15
    |--L. dentiger (Koch 1848) MDP15 (see below for synonymy)
    |--L. ephippiatus (Koch 1835) MDP15 (see below for synonymy)
    |--L. erinaceus Staręga 1966 MDP15
    |--L. insularis Roewer 1923 MDP15
    `--L. longisetus (Thorell 1876) [=Acantholophus longisetus] R23

Lacinius bidens (Simon 1880) MDP15 [=Acantholophus bidens MDP15, *Bidentolophus bidens C92, Egaenus bidens TTL00, Euphalangium bidens S03; incl. Opilio hexaspinulatus Saitô 1936 S03, O. koreanus Charitonov 1957 S03, O. peipingensis Wang 1941 S03, O. tchangi Wang 1941 S03, Phalangium nordenskioeldi var. transbaicalica Kulczyński 1901 ZSK99, Euphalangium nordenskioldi var. transbaicalicum R23, TTL00, Homolophus transbaicalicus ZSK99]

Lacinius dentiger (Koch 1848) MDP15 [=Acantholophus dentiger D04; incl. A. annulipes Koch 1867 D04, Bidentolophus bavaricus Roewer 1957 D04, Lacinius chelodentatus Hadži 1973 D04, L. labacensis Hadži 1931 D04]

Lacinius ephippiatus (Koch 1835) MDP15 [=Opilio ephippiatus D04, Acantholophus ephippiatus D04, Oligolophus ephippiatus D04; incl. Odiellus hungaricus Kolosvary 1941 D04, Lacinius oligodentatus Hadži 1931 D04, Odiellus rucneri Hadži 1973 D04, Opilio vittiger Meade 1855 D04, Ol. vittiger D04]

*Lacinius horridus (Panzer 1794) C92 [=Phalangium horridum D04, Acantholophus horridus D04, Opilio horridus D04; incl. A. bellicosus Sørensen 1894 D04, Lacinius horridus bulgaricus Šilhavý 1965 D04, A. coronatus Koch 1867 D04, Opilio coronatus Roewer 1911 D04, Odiellus coronatus M78, Lacinius dorsogranulatus Morin 1931 D04, L. gallipoliensis Roewer 1923 D04, Acantholophus granulatus Canestrini 1872 D04, Odiellus granulatus D04, A. hermanni Simon 1879 D04, Opilio hispidus Herbst 1798 D04, *A. hispidus C92, Lacinius hispidus D04, Phalangium hispidum D04, Acantholophus kochi Simon 1879 D04, A. lemniscatus Simon 1882 D04, Lacinius parisii Trossarelli 1934 D04, A. spinulosus Koch 1839 D04, Odiellus toscanus Roewer 1923 M78, Lacinius toscanus M78, L. zavalensis Hadži 1973 N05]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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