Sejus sp., copyright Pierre-Marc Brousseau.

Belongs within: Mesostigmata.

The Sejoidea are a group of densely setose mesostigmatan mites with fragmented dorsal and ventral plates. The greater number of species are included in the family Sejidae, females of which have a distinct pygidial shield that often bears a pair of posterior horn-like processes (Lindquist et al. 2009).

Characters (from Lindquist et al. 2009): Body with moderate to extensive hypertrichy, numerous gland openings, often densely tuberculate. Adult female dorsally with podonotal and pygidial shields (sometimes extensive) and usually with mesonotal or mesolateral shields; secondary hardening of the cuticle often obscures shield extent and number. Peritremes and peritrematic shields usually well developed, the latter fused anteriorly to the podonotal shield and sometimes included in a process over the gnathosoma (vertex); lateral setae often on small platelets. Venter of female with large ventrianal shield (sometimes developed dorsolaterally and fused to pygidial shield); metapodal shields usually free and well developed; epigynal shield large, usually bearing 6 to numerous setae (rarely 1–2 pairs) and covering the opening to a large, saclike spermatheca. Sternal area not fully sclerotised, but with seta-bearing platelets (sometimes obscured by genital shield) and often a shield bearing two pairs of setae. Males with more consolidated body shields; male genital aperture on an intercoxal shield, covered by a subcircular valve. Tarsus I ofen with an acrotarsus, with or without claws; tarsus IV with 20 or more setae, including setae av4 and pv4 on well-defined intercalary sclerite. Tritosternum with well-developed base and separate laciniae. Hypostomatic setae h1 often flattened, scalelike; corniculi entire or bifid. Palp apotele 2-tined. Chelicerae chelate-dentate, slender and with setiform pilus dentilis, to massive and without pilus dentilis; movable digit without arthrodial brush or excrescences. Phoretic deutonymph with a cylindrical anal process and 1–2 dorsal shields.

Sejoidea [Liroaspina, Sejida, Sejina]
    |--Uropodella Berlese 1888 FH93 [Uropodellidae LKW09]
    |    |--U. laciniata Berlese 1888 [incl. U. camini Hirschmann & Zierngiebl-Nicol 1984] FH93
    |    `--U. krantzi Hirschmann & Zirngiebl-Nicol 1984 FH93
    |--Ichthyostomatogasteridae LKW09
    |    |--Japanoasternolaelaps LKW09
    |    |--Archaeopodella Athias-Henriot 1977 LKW09, H98
    |    |    `--A. scopulifera Athias-Henriot 1977 H98
    |    `--Asternolaelaps Berlese 1923 [incl. Ichthystomatogaster Sellnick 1953] ET79
    |         |  i. s.: A. australis Womersley & Domrow 1959 H98
    |         |--*A. (Asternolaelaps) fecundus Berlese 1923 [incl. Ichthystomatogaster nyhleni Sellnick 1953] ET79
    |         `--A. (Parasternolaelaps Athias-Henriot 1972) LKW09
    |              `--A. (*P.) castrii LKW09
    `--Sejidae [Liroaspidae, Liroaspoidea, Seiidae] LKW09
         |--Epicroseius Berlese 1905 FH93
         |--Adenosejus krantzi LKW09
         |--Africasejus LKW09
         |--Zuluacarus LKW09
         |--Liroaspis Banks 1902 H98
         |    `--L. acanthurus (Canestrini 1884) [=Sejus acanthurus, Seius acanthurus, Zercon acanthurus] H98
         `--Sejus Koch 1836 ET79 (see below for synonymy)
              |--*S. togatus Koch 1836 ET79 [=Liroaspis togatus S61]
              |--S. aciculatus Evans & Hyatt 1960 FH93
              |--S. americanus (Banks 1902) [=Liroaspis americana] FH93
              |--S. armatus (Fox 1947) [=Liroaspis armatus] FH93
              |--S. baloghi LKW09
              |--S. borealis (Berlese 1904) K91
              |--S. insulanus Trägårdh 1931 T31
              |--‘Seius’ italicus Berlese 1916 H98
              |--S. necorniger (Oudemans 1903) K91
              |--S. paricornis Berlese 1916 H98
              |--S. porosus (Domrow 1957) [=Epicroseius porosus] H98
              |--S. sanborni Packard 1888 FH93
              |--S. serratus (Halbert 1915) K91 [=*Microcheles serratus S58, Zercon serratus S58]
              `--‘Willmannia’ sejiformis QA91

Sejus Koch 1836 ET79 [incl. Dwigubskyia Oudemans 1936 ET79, Microcheles S58, Willmannia Balogh 1938 FH93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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