Bdella sp., copyright Ken Schneider.

Belongs within: Prostigmata.
Contains: Bdellodes.

The Bdellidae, snout mites, are a group of predatory mites characterised by elongate palps on either side of the similarly elongate gnathosoma, tipped by a pair of long sensory setae.

Characters (from Walter et al. 2009): Two pairs of prodorsal bothridial setae inserted in distinctly cup-shaped bothridia; Peritremes absent; chelicerae free and capable of considerable lateral motion, inserted on elongate subcapitular "snout"; palptibia without clawlike setae or thumblike palptarsus, palpi usually ending in 1–2 elongate setae and often elbowed; postpedal furrows absent; adults with three pairs of genital papillae, two or more eugenital setae; tibia IV and typically also tarsi III–IV and tibia I with trichobothria.

<==Bdellidae [Bdellini]
    |--Odontoscirinae SB63
    |    |--Molgus littoralis G38, TU33
    |    `--Bdellodes SB63
    |--Cytinae SB63
    |    |--Trachymolgus Berlese 1923 SB63
    |    |    `--*T. nigerrimus (Canestrini & Fanzago 1876) [=Bdella nigerrima] SB63
    |    `--Cyta von Heyden 1826 SB63
    |         |--*C. latirostris (Hermann 1804) [=Scirus latirostris] SB63
    |         |--C. coerulipes (Dugès 1834) SB63
    |         |--C. kauaiensis S91
    |         |--C. longiseta Wallace & Mahon 1973 H98
    |         `--C. magdalenae M-PV-G01
    |--Spinibdellinae SB63
    |    |--Biscirus Thor 1913 H98
    |    |    |--B. antarcticus [=Bdella antarctica] T31
    |    |    |--B. aquilonius Wallace & Mahon 1973 H98
    |    |    |--B. arenarius Wallace & Mahon 1973 H98
    |    |    |--B. intermedius Sig Thor 1928 SB63 [=Thoribdella intermedia G38]
    |    |    |--B. norvegicus (Sig Thor 1905) [=Scirus norvegicus] SB63
    |    |    |--B. obliquus Wallace & Mahon 1973 [=B. ubliquus] H98
    |    |    |--B. opimus [=Hoplomolgus opimus] T31
    |    |    |--B. silvaticus (Kramer 1881) [=Bdella silvatica] SB63
    |    |    |--B. thori Womersley 1933 H98
    |    |    `--B. uncinatus WL09
    |    `--Spinibdella Thor 1930 H98
    |         |--S. ampulla Wallace & Mahon 1973 H98
    |         |--S. bifurcata Atyeo 1960 S76
    |         |--S. bioculata S91
    |         |--S. corticis (Ewing 1909) [=Bdella corticis] H98
    |         |--S. cronini (Baker & Balock 1944) [=Bdella cronini] H98
    |         |--S. depressa S91
    |         |--S. gibberabdomen (Thor 1931) [=Bdella gibberabdomen] G38
    |         |--S. howarthi S91
    |         |--S. tenuirostris (Ewing 1917) [=Bdella tenuirostris] H98
    |         `--S. thori (Meyer & Ryke 1959) [=Bdella thori] H98
    `--Bdella Latreille 1795 S61 [Bdellinae SB63]
         |--*B. longicornis (Linnaeus 1758) [=Acarus longicornis] SB63
         |--B. captiosa Atyeo 1960 S91
         |--B. cruentata CF77
         |--B. depressa Ewing 1909 WL09, H98 [=Spinibdella depressa H98]
         |--B. egregia CF77
         |--B. frigida T31
         |--B. histrionica CF77
         |--B. humida Wallace & Mahon 1973 H98
         |--B. iconica Berlese 1923 SB63
         |    |--B. i. iconica SB63
         |    |--B. i. helvetica Schweizer & Bader 1963 SB63
         |    `--B. i. veneta Berlese 1923 SB63
         |--B. indicata K07
         |--B. latirostris [=Amonia latirostris; incl. A. megacephala] CF77
         |--B. leucocephala [=Amonia leucocephala] CF77
         |--B. lignicola Canestrini 1885 SB63
         |--B. malaccensis Shiba 1976 S76
         |--B. marina T31
         |--B. mexicana S91
         |--B. nihoaensis S91
         |--B. phoenicea CF77
         |--B. semiscutata Sig Thor 1930 SB63
         |--B. septentrionalis WL09
         |--B. subulirostris S51
         |--B. trtopica Atyeo 1960 S76
         |--B. vestita CF77
         `--B. vulgaris (Hermann 1804) [=Scirus vulgaris] SB63

Bdellidae incertae sedis:
  Monotrichobdella WL09
  Neomolgus Oudemans 1937 H98
    |--N. clypeatus (Thor 1930) [=Molgus clypeatus] H98
    |--N. lateralis S91
    `--N. littoralis WL09
  Hoplomolgus Berlese 1923 SB63
    |--*H. capillatus (Berlese 1891) [=Bdella capillata, Molgus capillatus, Neomolgus capillatus] SB63
    |--H. aequalis Schweizer & Bader 1963 SB63
    |--H. berlesei S51
    |--H. helveticus Schweizer & Bader 1963 SB63
    |--H. monticola (Willmann 1951) [=Neomolgus monticola] SB63
    |--H. obsoletus Berlese 1923 SB63
    |--H. raeticus Schweizer & Bader 1963 SB63
    |--H. reticulatus Schweizer & Bader 1963 SB63
    |--H. sublimus SB63
    `--H. tuberculatus Berlese 1923 SB63

*Type species of generic name indicated


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