Micratopus sp., copyright Mike Quinn.

Belongs within: Trechinae.
Contains: Bembidiina, Tachyina.

The Bembidiinae are a group of carabid beetles with reduced terminal segments on the labial and maxillary palps, and two unequally dilated segments in the tarsi of males. Members of the genus Micratopus have truncate elytra and a single pair of supraorbital setae, whereas members of the tribe Bembidiini possess two pairs of supraorbital setae and the elytra are not truncate (Bell 1990).

    |--Micratopus B08 [Micratopini B90]
    `--Bembidiini R-JC01
         |  i. s.: Anillinus B90
         |         Phrypeus rickseckeri B90
         |         Asaphidion B90
         |           |--A. cyanicorne F05
         |           |    |--A. c. cyanicorne F05
         |           |    `--A. c. atlanticum Ortuño & Toribio 2005 F05
         |           |--A. flavipes (Linnaeus 1761) [=Cicindela flavipes] B55
         |           `--A. stierlini (Heyden 1880) VPB11
         |         Lymneops B90
         |         Mioptachys flavicauda (Say 1823) B90, B14
         |         Tachyta Kirby 1837 B90, LM87
         |           |  i. s.: T. subvirens B55
         |           `--T. (Tachyta) LM87
         |                |--T. (T.) nana LM87
         |                |    |--T. n. nana LM87
         |                |    `--T. n. inornatus (Say 1823) [incl. *T. picipes Kirby 1837] LM87
         |                `--T. (T.) brunnipennis (Macleay 1871) [=Bembidium brunnipenne] LM87
         |         Porotachys bisulcatus B90
         |         Illaphanus Macleay 1865 LB91, LM87
         |           |--*I. stephensii Macleay 1865 LM87
         |           `--I. macleayi Lea 1906 LM87
         |--Bembidiina R-JC01
         |--Tachyina R-JC01
         `--Gouleta [Xystosomina] R-JC01
              `--G. cayennensis R-JC01

Bembidiinae incertae sedis:
  Lymnastis Motschulsky 1862 B08
    |--*L. indicus (Motschulsky 1851) [=Lymnaeum indicum] B08
    |--L. atricapillus B08
    |--L. brooksi Baehr 2008 B08
    |--L. coomani B08
    |--L. decorsei B55
    |--L. inops B08
    |--L. macrops B55
    |--L. niloticus B55
    |--L. pilosus Bates 1892 [incl. Tachys setiger Sloane 1903] LM87
    `--L. pullulus B08
  Brachytachys Basilewsky 1953 B55
    |--B. curtulus Basilewsky 1953 B55
    `--B. villiersi Basilewsky 1953 B55
  Sphaerotachys B55
    |--S. fumigatus B55
    `--S. haemorrhoidalis B55

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B08] Baehr, M. 2008. A new cavernicolous and eyeless species of the genus Lymnastis from Christmas Island, Australia (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Bembidiinae). Records of the Western Australian Museum 24 (2): 199–203.

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Last updated: 21 February 2018.

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