Skeletal mount of Rutiodon carolinensis, copyright Ryan Somma.

Belongs within: Archosauromorpha.
Contains: Suchia, Pterosauria, Dinosauria.

The Archosauria is a clade of reptiles usually treated at present as the smallest clade including birds and crocodiles. The Archosauria also include the extinct dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

Synapomorphies (from Nesbitt et al. 2009): At least four premaxillary teeth present; Maxilla with palatal processes meeting in the midline; parabasisphenoid with plate absent, foramina for entrance of cerebral branches of internal carotid artery into braincase positioned laterally on surface, lateral surface of basal tubera lacking semilunar depression; lagenar/cochlea recess present, elongated and tubular; antorbital fossa present on lacrimal, dorsal process of maxilla and dorsolateral margin of posterior process of maxilla (ventral border of antorbital fenestra); postparietals absent; postaxial intercentra absent; coracoidwith posteroventral portion possessing a "swollen" tuber (biceps tuber); ulna with lateral tuber (radius tuber) present on proximal portion; ratio of longest metacarpal to longest metatarsal less than 0.5; metacarpal I with width at middle of shaft accounting for less than 0.35 of total length; proximal portion of femur bearing small, rounded anteromedial tuber; fibula with posterior part of proximal portion expanded posteriorly in lateral view; astragalus with tibial facet divided into posteromedial and anterolateral basins; calcaneum with ventral articular surface for distal tarsal IV and distal end of tuber separated by a clear gap, articular surfaces for fibula and distal tarsal IV continuous.

<==Archosauria [Avesuchia, Ornithosuchia]
    |--Pseudosuchia [Crocodylotarsi, Crurotarsi] NS09
    |    |  i. s.: Belodon C77
    |    |         Teleocrater R72
    |    |         Strigosuchus R72
    |    |--Suchia B04
    |    `--+--Gracilisuchus Romer 1972 B04, D07
    |       |    `--G. stipanicicorum GPS06
    |       `--Parasuchia [Phytosauria, Phytosauridae]
    |            |--*Parasuchus hislopi WU03
    |            |--Paleorhinus bransoni B04
    |            |--‘Palaeornis’ Emmons 1857 non Vigors 1825 P88
    |            |--Arganarhinus D07
    |            |--Brachysuchus D07
    |            |--Redondosaurus D07
    |            |--Angistorhinus D07
    |            |--Pseudopalatus D07
    |            |--Smilosuchus Long & Murray 1995 D07
    |            |    `--S. gregorii D07
    |            |--Mystriosuchus Von Meyer 1863 D07
    |            |    |--M. planirostris B04
    |            |    `--M. westphali D07
    |            |--Nicrosaurus Fraas 1866 D07
    |            |    |--N. buceros D07
    |            |    |--N. gregorii J94
    |            |    |--N. kapffi D07
    |            |    `--N. meyeri D07
    |            |--Mesorhinus R72
    |            `--Rutiodon Emmons 1856 D07
    |                 |--R. carolinensis D07
    |                 |--R. crosbiensis D07
    |                 |--R. grandis D07
    |                 |--R. gregorii D07
    |                 |--R. lepturus D07
    |                 |--R. manhattensis D07
    |                 `--R. megalodon D07
    `--Ornithodira [Avemetatarsalia, Ornithosuchia, Ornithotarsi, Panaves] IN07
         |--Pterosauromorpha [Pterosauridae] A08
         |    |--Pterosauria IN07
         |    `--Scleromochlus Woodward 1907 [Scleromochlidae] A08
         |         `--S. taylori Woodward 1907 K03
         `--Dinosauromorpha [Lagosuchia, Paleodinosauria] NS09
              |--Lagerpetidae [Lagerpetonidae] NS10
              |    |--Lagerpeton Romer 1971 NS09, P88
              |    |    `--L. chanarensis Romer 1971 IN07, P88
              |    `--Dromomeron Irmis, Nesbitt et al. 2007 IN07
              |         |--*D. romeri Irmis, Nesbitt et al. 2007 IN07, BNB17, IN07
              |         `--+--D. gigas BNB17
              |            `--D. gregorii BNB17
              `--Dinosauriformes [Lagosuchidae, Staurikosauria, Staurikosauridae] NS09
                   |  i. s.: Lagosuchus Romer 1971 J94, P88 [Lagosuchinae]
                   |--Marasuchus Sereno & Arcucci 1994 NS09, D07
                   |    |--M. lilloensis NS09 [=Lagosuchus lilloensis P88]
                   |    `--M. talampayensis (Romer 1971) B04, P88 [=Lagosuchus talampayensis GQ01]
                   `--+--Dinosauria NS09
                      |--Saltopus Huene 1910 BNB17, L04
                      |    `--S. elginensis Huene 1910 L04
                      `--Silesauridae NS10
                           |  i. s.: Technosaurus Chatterjee 1984 NS10, NWW04
                           |           `--T. smalli Chatterjee 1984 NS10
                           |--Agnosphitys cromhallensis Fraser, Padian et al. 2002 (n. d.) BNB17, L04
                           |--+--Lewisuchus Romer 1972 NS10, P88 [Lewisuchinae]
                           |  |    `--L. admixtus Romer 1972 NS10
                           |  `--Pseudolagosuchus Arcucci 1987 NS10, P88
                           |       `--P. major Arcucci 1987 NS10
                           `--+--+--Asilisaurus Nesbitt, Sidor et al. 2010 NS10
                              |  |    `--*A. kongwe Nesbitt, Sidor et al. 2010 NS10
                              |  `--Ignotosaurus fragilis BNB17
                              `--+--Sacisaurus agudoensis BNB17, NS10
                                 `--+--Diodorus scytobrachion BNB17
                                    `--+--Eucoelophysis Sullivan & Lucas BNB17, D07
                                       |    `--E. baldwini Sullivan & Lucas 1999 TR04
                                       `--+--Lutungutali sitwensis BNB17
                                          `--Silesaurus Dzik 2003 BNB17, D07
                                               `--S. opolensis Dzik 2003 NS10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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