Lesser house fly Fannia canicularis, copyright Rui Andrade.

Belongs within: Schizophora.
Contains: Glossina, Hippoboscidae, Muscidae, Anthomyiidae, Oestroidea.

The Calyptratae include houseflies, blowflies and related taxa. The clade is named for the enlarged lower calypter on the wing, and members of the calyptrates are mostly very acrobatic fliers; however, some sublineages do lack a large calypter, and a more reliable synapomorphy of the group may be the presence of labellar pseudotracheae forming distinctive prestomal teeth on the proboscis (Kutty et al. 2010). A number of calyptrate families are parasitic either as adults or larvae; the members of one of the main clades of calyptrates, the Hippoboscoidea, are all ectoparasites and/or blood-feeders on vertebrates. The remaining calyptrates have generally been divided between the superfamilies Muscoidea and Oestroidea, but molecular phylogenetic analyses confirm that the former forms a paraphyletic grade to the latter (Kutty et al. 2010).

Synapomorphies (from Grimaldi & Engel 2005): Large, flaplike lower calypter present at base of wing; prestomal teeth present on labellum.

<==Calyptratae [Calypterae, Pupipara, Schizometopa]
    |--Hippoboscoidea KP10
    |    |--Glossina KP10
    |    `--Hippoboscidae KP10
    `--Muscoidea KP10
         |  i. s.: Setulia grisea BM76
         |         Mormotomyia GE05 [Mormotomyiidae CM91]
         |           `--M. hirsuta GE05
         |--+--Muscidae WT11
         |  `--+--Anthomyiidae WT11
         |     `--Oestroidea WT11
         `--Fanniidae [Fanniinae] WT11
              |--Australofannia C94
              |--Euryomma peregrinum S10
              |--Piezura [incl. Platycoenosia] S10
              `--Fannia [incl. Coelomyia, Homalomyia] S10
                   |  i. s.: F. albitarsis CM91
                   |         F. anthracina S10
                   |         F. benjamini S10
                   |         F. incisurata S10
                   |         F. scalaris S10
                   |         ‘Homalomyia’ serena K01
                   |         F. subpellucens HV87
                   |--F. manicata KP10
                   `--+--F. armata KP10
                      `--F. canicularis KP10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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