Lumbrineris sp., copyright MES.

Belongs within: Annelida.
Contains: Mesonerilla, Ramphoprionidae, Myzostomatida, Amphinomida, Phyllodocida, Dorvilleidae, Onuphidae, Eunicidae.

The Aciculata are a group of polychaete worms characterised by the presence of aciculae, supportive chaetae embedded within the parapodia.

<==Aciculata PTV14
    |--+--Amphinomida RP07
    |  `--Chaetopteridae SS07
    |       |  i. s.: Spiochaetopterus costarum (Claparède 1870) SS07
    |       |--Chaetopterus RP07
    |       |    |--C. sarsi Boeck in Sars 1851 RP07
    |       |    `--C. variopedatus (Renier 1804) SS07
    |       `--+--Phyllochaetopterus solitarius RP07, M62
    |          `--Telepsavus RP07
    `--+--Lumbrineridae SS07
       |    |--Ninoe nigripes Pettibone 1982 SS07
       |    `--Lumbrineris SS07
       |         |--L. coccinea HS01
       |         |--L. fragilis M62
       |         |--L. funchalensis BBB-S95
       |         |--L. impatiens BBB-S95
       |         |--L. latrelli Audouin & Milne-Edwards 1834 SS07
       |         |--L. longifolia GAS03
       |         |--L. magnidentata Winsnes 1981 RP07
       |         `--L. tenuis ST02
       `--+--Phyllodocida SS07
          `--Eunicida PTV14
               |  i. s.: Paulinitidae PTV14
               |           |--Paulinites Lange 1947 H62
               |           |    `--*P. paranaensis Lange 1947 H62
               |           |--Kettnerites Žebera 1935 H62
               |           |    `--*K. kosoviensis Žebera 1935 H62
               |           |--Polychaetaspis Kozlowski 1956 H62
               |           |    `--*P. wyszogrodensis Kozlowski 1956 H62
               |           |--Polychaetura Kozlowski 1956 H62
               |           |    `--*P. gracilis Kozlowski 1956 H62
               |           `--Kingnites diamondi PTV14
               |--+--Dorvilleidae SS07
               |  `--Driloneris [Oenonidae] SS07
               |       `--D. longa Webster 1879 SS07
               `--+--Onuphidae SS07
                  `--Eunicidae SS07

Aciculata incertae sedis:
  Aberrantidae RF98
  Nerillidae RF98
    |--Mesonerilla H-S86
    |--Thalassochaetus Ax 1954 H-S86
    |    `--T. palpifoliaceus Ax 1954 TS02
    |--Afronerilla Faubel 1978 H-S86
    |    `--A. hartwigi Faubel 1978 H-S86
    |--Bathynerilla Faubel 1978 H-S86
    |    `--B. marina Faubel 1978 H-S86
    |--Nerillidopsis Jouin 1966 H-S86
    |    `--N. hyalina Jouin 1966 H-S86
    |--Psammoriedlia Kirsteuer 1966 H-S86
    |    `--P. ruperti Kirsteuer 1966 H-S86
    |--Troglochaetus Delachaux 1921 H-S86
    |    `--T. beranecki Delachaux 1921 H-S86
    |--Meganerilla Boaden 1961 H-S86
    |    |--M. clavata Magagnini 1966 H-S86
    |    `--M. swedmarki Boaden 1961 TS02
    |--Micronerilla TS02
    |    |--M. brevis Saphonov & Tzetlin 1997 TS02
    |    `--M. minuta TS02
    |--Nerilla Schmidt 1848 H-S86
    |    |--N. antennata Schmidt 1848 H-S86
    |    |--N. digitata Wieser 1957 H-S86
    |    |--N. inopinata Gray 1968 H-S86
    |    |--N. marginalis Tilzer 1970 H-S86
    |    |--N. mediterranea Schlieper 1925 H-S86
    |    |--N. parva Schmidt & Westheide 1977 H-S86
    |    |--N. sinica Wu, Chen & Sun 1980 H-S86
    |    `--N. stygicola Ax 1957 H-S86
    `--Nerillidium Remane 1925 H-S86
         |--N. gracile Remane 1925 H-S86
         |--N. levetzovi Remane 1949 H-S86
         |--N. lothari Schmidt & Westheide 1977 H-S86
         |--N. macropharyngeum Jouin 1970 H-S86
         |--N. mediterraneum Remane 1928 H-S86
         |--N. renaudae Join 1970 H-S86
         |--N. simplex Levi 1953 H-S86
         `--N. troglochaetoides Remane 1925 H-S86
  Spintheridae RF98
  Ramphoprionidae E02
  Hartmaniellidae RF98
  Histriobdellidae RF98
    |--Histriobdella van Beneden 1858 [incl. Histriodrilus Foettinger 1884] H69
    |    `--H. homari H69
    `--Stratiodrilus Haswell 1900 H69
         `--S. platensis H69
  Myzostomatida PTV14

*Type species of generic name indicated


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