Flinder's vase Vasum flindersi, from here.

Belongs within: Muricoidea.

The Turbinellidae, chank and vase shells, are a group of generally large gastropods with a thick, spindle-shaped shell (the largest known gastropod, Syrinx aruanus, belongs to this family). They possess a long, thin proboscis that folds into a non-evaginable proboscis sheath (Harasewych & Petit 1989).

<==Turbinellidae [Turbinelloidea, Vasidae]
    |  i. s.: Tudivasum MG-H11
    |           |--T. inermis (Angas 1878) MG-H11
    |           `--T. spinosa (Adams & Adams 1863) MG-H11
    |         Ceratoxancus Kuroda 1952 BC01
    |           `--*C. teramachii Kuroda 1952 BC01
    |         Surculina Dall 1908 BK11, P66 [incl. Phenacoptygma Dall 1918 O27]
    |           |--*S. blanda (Dall 1908) [=Daphnella (*Surculina) blanda] P66
    |           `--S. cortezi (Dall 1908) P66 [=Daphnella (Surculina) cortezi P66, *Phenacoptygma cortezi O27]
    |--Tudicula Adams & Adams 1864 ES88 [=Tudicla Röding 1798 BR05; Tudiclidae, Tudiclinae BR05, Tudiculinae]
    |    |--T. armigera Adams 1855 WG71
    |    |--T. inermis Angas 1878 WG71
    |    |--T. rasilistoma Abbott 1959 ES88
    |    |--T. spinosa Adams & Adams 1863 WG71
    |    `--T. zanzibarica Abbott 1958 ES88
    |--Turbinellinae HP89
    |    |--Xancus Röding 1798 [Xancidae, Xancinae] BR05
    |    |--Syrinx Röding 1798 HP89
    |    |    `--*S. aruanus (Linnaeus 1758) HP89 (see below for synonymy)
    |    `--Turbinella Lamarck 1799 BR05 [incl. Buccinella Perry 1811 PH90]
    |         |--T. alabamensis (Gabb 1860) [=Cancellaria alabamensis] PH90
    |         |--T. angulata HP89
    |         |--T. iricolor Hombr. & Jacquinot 1853 H09
    |         |--T. pyrum (Linné 1767) [incl. *Buccinella caerulea Perry 1811] PH90
    |         |--T. scolymoides Dall 1890 P89
    |         `--T. subnassatula Souverbie 1872 H09
    |--Vasinae ES88
    |    |--Cynodonta Schumacher 1817 [Cynodontidae, Cynodontinae] BR05
    |    |--Scolymus Swainson 1835 [Scolyminae] BR05
    |    `--Vasum Röding 1798 ES88
    |         |  i. s.: V. cassiforme (Kiener 1840) ES88
    |         |         V. ceramicum (Linnaeus 1758) BW09 [=Murex ceramicus H09]
    |         |         V. crosseanum (Souverbie 1875) ES88
    |         |         V. floridanum McGinty 1940 P89
    |         |         V. globulum (Lamarck 1816) [incl. V. globulum antiguensis Usticke 1969] BC01
    |         |         V. humerosum Vaughan 1896 DK10
    |         |         V. lactisfloris Ferrario 1983 BC01
    |         |         V. rhinoceros (Gmelin 1791) ES88
    |         |         V. stephanti Emerson & Sage 1988 ES88
    |         |         V. tubiferum (Anton 1839) ES88
    |         |         V. turbinellus (Linnaeus 1758) ES88 [=Voluta turbinella H09]
    |         `--V. (Altivasum Hedley 1914) DK10, WG71
    |              `--V. (A.) flindersi Verco 1914 DK10, WG71
    `--Columbariinae [Columbariidae] H89
         |--Columbarium Martens 1881 BR05
         |    |--*C. spinicinctum (Martens 1881) RA75 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--C. acanthostephes F27a
         |    |--C. distephanotis Melvill 1891 H09
         |    |--C. hedleyi Iredale 1936 WG71
         |    |--C. pagoda P66
         |    |--C. pagodoides (Watson 1882) [=Fusus (Colus) pagodoides] BC01
         |    `--C. spinulatum Cossmann 1901 [=Fusus spiniferus Tate 1888 non F. spinifer Bellardi 1873] F27b
         `--Coluzea Allen 1926 H89
              |--*C. spiralis (Adams 1856) [=Fusus spiralis] RA75
              |--C. altocanalis Dell 1956 P61
              |--C. cingulata (Martens 1901) H89
              |--C. climacota (Suter 1917) [=Fusinus climacotus] F27a
              |--C. dentata (Hutton 1877) [=Fusus dentatus] F27a
              |--C. distephanotis (Melvill 1891) H89
              |--C. eastwoodae (Kilburn 1971) H89
              |--C. icarus Harasewych 1986 MG-H11
              |--C. juliae Harasewych 1989 H89
              |--C. liriope Harasewych 1986 H89
              |--C. maorium (Marshall & Murdoch 1919) [=Fusinus maorium] F27a
              `--C. mariae Powell 1952 P61

*Columbarium spinicinctum (Martens 1881) RA75 [=Pleurotoma (*Columbarium) spinicinctum RA75; incl. C. caragarang Garrard 1966 WG71]

*Syrinx aruanus (Linnaeus 1758) HP89 [=Murex aruanus HP89, Busycon aruanus HP89, Fulgur aruanus HP89, Megalatractus aruanus WG71; incl. Fusus proboscidiferus Lamarck 1816 HP89, Me. proboscidiferus HP89]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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