Coralliophila neritoidea, copyright Steve Smith.

Belongs within: Muricoidea.

The Coralliophilidae, coral shells, are a group of gastropods that live in close association with cnidarians such as corals, attached to the surface or embedded within the coral skeleton. Members of this family lack a radula (Wilson & Gillett 1971) and have a protoconch with an ornament of hemispherical tubercles overlain and connected to each other by a wrinkled net of lamellae (Bandel & Dockery 2012).

<==Coralliophilidae [Coralliophilinae, Magilidae]
    |--Magilus Montfort 1810 BR05
    |    `--*M. antiquus Montfort 1810 RA75
    |--Latiaxis Swainson 1840 BC01, RA75
    |    `--*L. mawae (Gray in Griffith & Pidgeon 1834) [=Pyrula mawae] RA75
    |--Coralliobia Adams & Adams 1853 BD12, RA75
    |    `--*C. fimbriata (Adams 1852) RA75, BD12 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Leptoconchus Rüppell 1834 BD12, RA75
    |    `--*L. peroni Lamarck 1818 RA75
    |--Quoyula Iredale 1912 WG71
    |    |--*Q. monodonta (Broderip 1833) RA75, BW09 [=Purpura monodonta RA75, Galeropsis monodonta H09]
    |    `--Q. madreporarum (Sowerby 1832) WG71
    |--Rapa Röding 1798 BR05 [incl. Rapanus Schum. in Sowerby 1839 RA75, Rapella Swainson 1840 RA75; Rapidae]
    |    |--*R. rapa (Linnaeus 1758) (see below for synonymy) RA75
    |    `--R. rapiformis (Born 1778) [=Murex rapiformis] H09
    |--Tolema Iredale 1929 WG71
    |    |--*T. australis Laseron 1955 RA75
    |    |--T. peregrina Powell 1947 P61
    |    `--T. sertata (Hedley 1903) [=Purpura sertata] RA75
    |--Babelomurex Coen 1922 RL04, RA75
    |    |--*B. babelis (Requien 1848) [=Fusus babelis] RA75
    |    |--B. cariniferus (Sowerby 1834) RL04
    |    |--B. dalli (Emerson & D’Attilio 1963) [=Latiaxis (Babelomurex) dalli] BC01
    |    |--B. deroyorum D’Attilio & Myers 1984 BC01
    |    |--B. fearnleyi (Emerson & D’Attilio 1965) [=Latiaxis (Babelomurex) fearnleyi] BC01
    |    |--B. gilli Kosuge 1990 BC01
    |    |--B. kawamurai (Kira 1959) MG-H11
    |    |--B. longispinosus (Suzuki 1972) [incl. Latiaxis pisori D’Attilio & Emerson 1980] BC01
    |    `--B. santacruzensis (Emerson & D’Attilio 1970) [=Latiaxis (Babelomurex) santacruzensis] BC01
    `--Coralliophila Adams & Adams 1853 BR05
         |  i. s.: C. aberrans BD12
         |         C. aldrichi (Cossmann 1903) BD12
         |         C. armeniaca D’Attilio & Myers 1984 BC01
         |         C. bulbiformis M54
         |         C. burdigalensis Tournouer 1874 BD12
         |         C. caribaea Abbott 1958 [incl. Ringicula cruzensis Usticke 1969] BC01
         |         C. costularis (Lamarck 1816) BW09
         |         C. craticulatus (Linnaeus 1758) BW09
         |         C. elvirae D’Attilio & Emerson 1980 BC01
         |         C. erosa (Röding 1798) BW09
         |         C. guancha Smriglio, Mariottini & Engl 2003 F05
         |         C. imbricata (Smith 1876) [=Fusus imbricatus] H09
         |         C. inflata (Dunker in Philippi 1847) MG-H11
         |         C. macleani Shasky 1970 BC01
         |         C. nux (Reeve 1846) S11
         |         C. occidentale Kosuge & Fernandes 1988 BC01
         |         C. raramaculatus Kosuge & Fernandes 1989 BC01
         |         C. rocasuciae Myers & D’Attilio 1990 BC01
         |         C. squamulosa (Reeve 1846) [=Purpura squamulosa] H09
         |         C. stearnsii Pilsbry 1895 BW09
         |         C. trigoi Mariottini, Smriglio & Rolán 2005 F05
         |         C. violacea (Kiener 1836) WG71
         |         C. wilsoni M54
         |--*C. (Coralliophila) neritoidea (Lamarck 1816) [=Fusus neritoideus] RA75
         `--C. (Pseudomurex Monterosato 1872) O27
              |--‘Murex’ bracteata Brocchi 1814 [=*Pseudomurex bracteatus] RA75
              |--C. (P.) costata Blainville 1832 O27
              `--C. (P.) kincaidi Dall 1919 O27

*Coralliobia fimbriata (Adams 1852) RA75, BD12 [=Concholepas fimbriata RA75, Leptoconchus (Coralliobia) fimbriata Adams & Adams 1853 (n. n.) RA75]

*Rapa rapa (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex rapa, Bulla rapa; incl. Pyrula papyracea Lamarck 1816, *Rapanus papyraceus, *Rapella papracia (l. c.)] RA75

*Type species of generic name indicated


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