Zyras haworthi, from Hlaváč & Jászay (2009).

Belongs within: Aleocharinae.

The Myrmedoniini is a diverse group of staphylinid beetles that has been recognised in the past as including almost all Aleocharinae with 4,5,5-segmented tarsi. The core members of the group in the subtribe Myrmedoniina possess mouthparts with extensive maxillary sinuses that extend caudally beyond the cardo, and an elongated galea and lacinia (Seevers 1957).

Myrmedoniini S57
    |--Schistogeniae S57
    |--Hoplandria F21 [Hoplandriae S57, Hoplandriini]
    |--Termitonda Seevers 1957 [Termitondina] S57
    |    |--*T. liberiae Seevers 1957 S57
    |    `--T. tachyporoides Seevers 1957 S57
    |--Feldina S57
    |    |--Felda Blackwelder 1952 [=Asticta Wasmann 1916 (preoc.)] S57
    |    |    `--*F. butteli (Wasmann 1916) [=*Asticta butteli] S57
    |    |--Zunia Blackwelder 1952 [=Disticta Wasmann 1916 (preoc.)] S57
    |    |    `--*Z. capritermitis (Wasmann 1916) [=*Disticta capritermitis] S57
    |    `--Termitobiella Wasmann 1916 S57
    |         `--*T. setipes Wasmann 1916 S57
    |--Termitozyrina S57
    |    |--Termitophagus Silvestri 1945 S57
    |    |    `--*T. synterminus Silvestri 1945 S57
    |    |--Termitonusa Borgmeier 1950 S57
    |    |    `--*T. sequax Borgmeier 1950 S57
    |    |--Iheringocantharus Bernhauer 1912 S57
    |    |    `--*I. ypiranganus Bernhauer 1912 S57
    |    |--Termitosymbia Seevers 1957 S57
    |    |    `--*T. nitida Seevers 1957 S57
    |    `--Termitozyras Seevers 1957 S57
    |         |--*T. adamsoni Seevers 1957 S57
    |         |--T. boliviae Seevers 1957 S57
    |         `--T. guianae Seevers 1957 S57
    `--Myrmedoniina [Myrmedoniae] S57
         |--Atemeles S57
         |--Termozyras Cameron 1930 S57
         |    `--*T. politus Cameron 1930 S57
         |--Urodonia Silvestri 1946 S57
         |    `--*U. notabilis Silvestri 1946 S57
         |--Xenodusa S57
         |    |--X. cava B14
         |    `--X. reflexa (Walker 1866) B14
         |--Drusilla Leach in Samouelle 1819 [incl. Astilbus Dilwyn 1829, Myrmedonia Erichson 1837] S57
         |    |--*D. canaliculata S57 [=Astilbus canaliculatus C01]
         |    |--‘Myrmedonia’ clavigera Fauvel 1878 O86
         |    |--‘Myrmedonia’ humeralis C01
         |    |--D. impressicollis [incl. D. sculpticollis] S57
         |    |--D. incola S57
         |    |--‘Myrmedonia’ insignicornis Fauvel 1878 O86
         |    |--D. planaticollis S57
         |    `--‘Myrmedonia’ tristis Lucas 1846 E12
         `--Zyras Stephens 1835 S57
              |--*Z. haworthi (Stephens 1832) [=Aleochara haworthi] S57
              |--Z. badius [=Glossacantha badia; incl. Z. affinis] S57
              |--Z. collaris [=Bolitochara collaris] S57
              |--Z. excisus [=Glossacantha excisa] S57
              |--Z. feae [=Rhynchodonia feae] S57
              |--Z. flavus [=Termitodonia flava] S57
              |--Z. gestroi [=Rhynchodonia gestroi] S57
              |--Z. heimi [=Glossacantha heimi] S57
              |--Z. hoplonotus [=Glossacantha hoplonota] S57
              |--Z. humerosus [=Glossacantha humerosa] S57
              |--Z. inclytus [=Ctenodonia inclyta] S57
              |--Z. insignis [=Termitelia insignis] S57
              |--Z. leoninus [=Rhynchodonia leonina] S57
              |--Z. motschulskyi [incl. Rhynchodonia laminatus] S57
              |--Z. obscurus [=Glossacantha obscura; incl. Z. tridens] S57
              |--Z. peringueyi [=Euryndonia peringueyi; incl. Z. termitobius] S57
              |--Z. puncticollis S57
              |--Z. reicherti [=Rhynchodonia reicherti] S57
              |--Z. rhodesiae [incl. Z. termitophilus] S57
              |--Z. rhodesiana S57
              |--Z. rubricollis [=Glossacantha rubricollis] S57
              |--Z. seminigra S57
              |--Z. serraticornis [=Crateodonia serraticornis] S57
              |--Z. termitarius [=Rhynchodonia termitaria] S57
              |--Z. termitocolus [=Rhynchodonia termitocolus; incl. Z. termitobia] S57
              |--Z. termitophilus [=Rhynchodonia termitophilus] S57
              |--Z. termitovagans [=Glossacantha termitovagans] S57
              `--Z. trisulcatus S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


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