Various view of Pheroliodes sicarius, from Hunt (1996b).

Belongs within: Circumdehiscentiae.

The Pheroliodidae are a cosmopolitan group of oribatid mites characterised by the presence of a distinct furrow on the prodorsum bordered by lateral apophyses.

Characters (from Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009): Length 300–500 µm. Prodorsum with enantiophysis A bordering deep transverse furrow; without true lamellae. Notogaster flat-topped and elliptical; octotaxic system absent. Pedotectum I–II absent. Femora with tracheae.

<=Pheroliodidae [Hammeriellidae, Nooliodidae]
    |--Labiogena Hunt 1996 NB-P09, S04
    |    `--*L. queenslandica (Balogh 1985) H96a [=Pedrocortesella queenslandica S04, Novazelandiella queenslandica S04]
    |--Darthvaderum Hunt 1996 S04
    |    `--*D. greensladeae Hunt 1996 S04
    |--Flammaeremaeus Balogh 1968 S04
    |    `--*F. gressiti Balogh 1968 S04
    |--Neonooliodes Hunt 1996 S04
    |    `--*N. ceroplastes Hunt 1996 S04
    |--Nooliodes Paschoal 1989 S04
    |    |--*N. glaber (Balogh 1962) [=Plateremaeus glaber] S04
    |    `--N. franzi (Balogh 1966) [=Pedrocortesia franzi] S04
    |--Paschoalia Subías 2004 S04 [=Hammeriella Paschoal 1989 non Balogh 1983] S04
    |    |--*P. grandis (Hammer 1961) [=Pedrocortesia grandis, *Hammeriella grandis] S04
    |    `--P. australis (Hammer 1962) S04 [=Pedrocortesia australis S04, Hammeriella australis BB92b]
    |--Licnoliodes Grandjean 1931 S04
    |    |--*L. andrei Grandjean 1931 S04
    |    |--L. adminensis Grandjean 1933 S04
    |    `--L. apunctatus Mahunka 1977 S04
    |--Lopholiodes Paschoal 1987 [incl. Octoliodes Paschoal 1987] S04
    |    |--*L. micropunctinatum Paschoal 1987 S04
    |    |--L. diamantei Fernández & Cleva 1999 S04
    |    |--L. luteomarginatus (Hammer 1966) S04 [=Pedrocortesia luteomarginata S04, *Octoliodes luteomarginata H96b]
    |    |--L. macropunctinatum Paschoal 1987 S04
    |    |--L. robustus (Hunt & Lee 1995) S04 [=Pheroliodes robustus S04, Octoliodes robustus H96b]
    |    `--L. rotoruensis (Hammer 1966) [=Pedrocortesia rotoruensis] S04
    `--Pheroliodes Grandjean 1931 S04 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*P. wehnckei (Willmann 1930) S04 [=Cymbaeremaeus wehnckei S04, Licneremaeus wehnckei BB92a]
         |--P. achalensis Baranek 1986 S04
         |--P. africanus (Balogh 1966) (see below for synonymy) S04
         |--P. barringtonensis Hunt 1996 S04
         |--P. carinulatus (Berlese 1888) [=Eremaeus carinulatus] S04
         |--P. casabranquensis Paschoal 1987 S04
         |--P. complanatus (Berlese 1901) [=Eremaeus complanatus] S04
         |--P. concavus Hunt 1996 S04
         |--P. copiosus Hunt & Lee 1995 S04
         |--P. cordobensis Baranek 1986 S04
         |--P. delticus Baranek 1984 S04
         |--P. dentatus (Hammer 1961) S04 [=Pedrocortesia dentata S04, *Andesperuviella dentata BB92a]
         |--P. elegans (Hammer 1961) [=Pedrocortesia elegans] S04
         |--P. enigma (Hunt 1996) [=Pedrocortesella enigma] S04
         |--P. humeratus (Mahunka 1978) [=Pedrocortesia humerata] S04
         |--P. inca Fernández, Martínez & Eguaras 1991 S04
         |--P. intermedius (Hammer 1961) [=Pedrocortesia intermedia] S04
         |--P. lindsayae Hunt 1996 S04
         |--P. longiceps Balogh & Mahunka 1966 S04
         |--P. longisetus Baranek 1986 S04
         |--P. lordhowensis Hunt 1996 S04
         |--P. minutus Baranek 1984 S04
         |--P. mirabilis (Hammer 1958) S04 [=*Pedrocortesia mirabilis CH98]
         |--P. monteithi Hunt 1996 S04
         |--P. nemoricultricis Paschoal 1987 S04
         |--P. neuquinus Baranek 1986 S04
         |--P. pellitus Paschoal 1987 S04
         |--P. roblensis Covarrubias 1968 S04
         |--P. rotundatus (Berlese 1913) [=Plateremaeus rotundatus] S04
         |--P. rusticus Woas 1992 S04
         |--P. sicarius Hunt 1996 S04
         |--P. springthorpei Hunt 1996 S04
         |--P. transversus Hunt 1996 S04
         |--P. uruguayensis Pérez-Íñigo & Sarasola 1995 S04
         |--P. vermicularis (Balogh 1970) [=Pedrocortesia vermicularis] S04
         `--P. vulgaris Baranek 1984 S04

Pheroliodes Grandjean 1931 S04 [=Phereliodes (l. c.) H96b; incl. Andesperuviella Paschoal 1989 S04, Pedrocortesia Hammer 1958 S04]

Pheroliodes africanus (Balogh 1966) [=Pedrocortesia africana; incl. Pedrocortesella pletzenae Balogh & Balogh 2002] S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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