Singafrotypa acanthopus, from Kuntner & Hormiga (2002).

Belongs within: Araneidae.
Contains: Araneini.

The Araneinae includes the 'typical' orb-weaving spiders, generally constructing a conventional orb-web at night and resting in a camouflaged retreat away from the web during the day (Framenau 2011). Kuntner (2002) placed Perilla teres, a south-east Asian spider characterised by a cylindrical abdomen extending far past the spinnerets, as a basal member of this group; it had previously been classified with the Nephilidae.

    |  i. s.: Backobourkia Framenau, Dupérré et al. 2010 F11
    |           |--B. brounii (Koch 1871) PVD10
    |           `--B. collina (Keyserling 1886) T13
    |         Novakiella Court & Forster 1993 F11
    |           `--*N. trituberculosa (Roewer 1942) PVD10
    |         Phonognatha Simon 1894 BS09, K02 [incl. Singotypa HAA07; Phonognatheae]
    |           |--P. graeffei (Rainbow 1896) B96
    |           |--P. melania B96
    |           `--P. sylvicola B96
    |--+--Perilla Thorell 1895 K02
    |  |    `--*P. teres Thorell 1895 [incl. P. cylindrogaster Simon 1909] K02
    |  `--Chorizopeae SC97
    |       |--Chorizopes O.P.-Cambridge 1870 [Chorizopinae] K02
    |       |    `--*C. frontalis K02
    |       `--Artonis SC97
    `--+--Singafrotypa Benoit 1962 K02
       |    |--S. acanthopus (Simon 1907) K02
       |    `--S. okavango K02
       `--Araneini K02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 27 June 2018.

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