Reconstruction of Protereisma permianum, from here.

Belongs within: Pterygota.
Contains: Furcatergalia, Pisciformia.

The Ephemeroptera include the mayflies, a group of insects that spend the greater part of their life cycle as aquatic nymphs (called naiads), with the emergent stage of their life-cycle (including two instars, the sub-adult subimago and the fully mature imago) being non-feeding and short-lived.

Synapomorphies (from Grimaldi & Engel 2005): Costal brace present at base of forewing; anal region in hind wing reduced; juveniles as aquatic naiads, with lateral abdominal gills and three caudal filaments.

<==Ephemeroptera [Ephemerida, Ephemeropteroidea, Permoplectoptera, Protereismatina]
    |--Oboriphlebia KS02 [Oboriphlebiidae GE05]
    |--Jarmila Demoulin 1970 D70b [Jarmilidae GE05]
    |    `--*J. elongata Demoulin 1970 D70b
    |--Palingeniopsis KS02 [Palingeniopsidae GE05]
    |    `--P. praecox KS02
    |--Misthodotes KS02 [Misthodotidae GE05]
    |    `--M. sharovi KS02
    |--Protereismatidae GE05
    |    |--Phtharthus netshaevi Handlirsch 1904 D70b, KS02 [incl. P. rossicus Handlirsch 1904 KS02]
    |    |--Kukalova Demoulin 1970 KS02, D70b [Kukalovidae]
    |    |    |--*K. americana Demoulin 1970 D70b
    |    |    `--K. moravica Demoulin 1970 D70b
    |    `--Protereisma GE05
    |         |--P. americanum GE05
    |         |--P. latum KS02
    |         `--P. permianum GE05
    `--+--Thuringopteryx Kuhn 1937 GE05, KS02
       |--Mesoplectopteron KS02 [Mesoplectopteridae GE05]
       |    `--M. longipes D70b
       |--Tintorina Krzeminski & Lombardo 2001 KL01 [Tintoriniidae GE05]
       |    `--*T. meridensis Krzeminski & Lombardo 2001 [=T. triassica Krzeminski & Lombardo 2001 (n. n.)] KL01
       |--Mesephemeridae [Mesephemeroidea] GE05
       |    |--Montralia KS02
       |    `--Palinephemera KS02
       |--Litophlebiidae [Xenophlebiidae] GE05
       |    |--Litophlebia optata (Riek 1976) [=Xenophlebia oplata] KL01
       |    `--Xenophlebia Demoulin 1968 D70a
       |         `--X. aenigmatica Demoulin 1968 D70a
       `--Euplectoptera [Euephemeroptera] GE05
            |  i. s.: Turphanella Demoulin 1954 KS02
            |         Mesogenesia Tshernova 1977 KS02
            |         Clephemera Lin 1986 KS02
            |--Ephemerina [Anteriotorna, Bidentiseta] KS02
            |    |--Furcatergalia GE05
            |    `--Pisciformia GE05
            `--Baetiscina [Posteritorna] KS02
                 |--Baetisca TW05 [Baetiscidae, Baetiscoidea, Carapacea GE05]
                 `--Myanmarella [Prosopistomatidae] KS02
                      `--M. rossi KS02

Ephemeroptera incertae sedis:
  Blasturophlebia KS02
  Brevitibia KS02
  Siphoplecton KS02
  Philolimnias KS02
  Geisfeldiella KS02
  Aphelophlebodes KS02
  Siphangarus S02a
  Bolbonyx ludibriosus S02a
  Mesopalingea lerida S02a
  Cratoligoneuriella S02a
  Povilla adusta G74
  Stenonema interpunctatum M47
    |--S. i. interpunctatum M47
    |--S. i. canadense M47
    |--S. i. frontale M47
    `--S. i. heterotarsale M47
  Sharephemera Sinitshenkova 2002 [Sharephemeridae] S02b
    `--*S. cubitalis Sinitshenkova 2002 S02b
  Siphlonisca aerodromia MH96
  Bibulmena kadjina ASD05
  Neboissophlebia occidentalis ASD05
  Nyungara bunni ASD05
  Campylocia anceps D70c
  Dolania americana K-P83
  Callibaetis ferrugineus MG06
  Oligoneuriella rhenana Imhoff 1852 M86
  Ephoron virgo (Olivier 1791) M86
  Atalophlebioides aucklandensis Peters 1971 H79
  Chloeon dipterum D56

*Type species of generic name indicated


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