Amphicnemis lestoides, copyright Melissa Solito.

Belongs within: Zygoptera.

The Agrionidae has been recognised in the past as a family including many, or all, of the damselflies. Modern classifications do not include this family.

<==Agrionidae [Agrioninae]
    |--Onychargia atrocyana SL89
    |--Stenobasis oscillans SL89
    |--Allonevra insignis SL89
    |--Podolestes SL89
    |    |--P. chrysopus Selys Longchamps 1889 SL89
    |    `--P. orientalis SL89
    |--Trichocnemis membranipes [=Platycnemis membranipes] SL89
    |    |--T. m. membranipes SL89
    |    `--T. m. silenta SL89
    |--Disparonevra SL89
    |    |--D. notostigma SL89
    |    `--D. verticalis SL89
    |--Sympycna K01
    |    |--S. fusca K01
    |    `--S. paedisca K01
    |--Erythromma najas K01
    |    |--E. n. najas I92
    |    `--E. n. baicalensis Belyshev 1964 I92
    |--Agrion I92
    |    |--A. hastulatum K01
    |    |--A. hylas (Trybom 1889) I92
    |    |--A. pulchellum K01
    |    `--A. telluris S02
    |--Amphicnemis SL89
    |    |--A. ecornuta Selys Longchamps 1889 SL89
    |    |--A. furcata SL89
    |    |--A. lestoides SL89
    |    `--A. wallacii SL89
    `--Psilocnemis SL89
         |--P. annulata SL89
         |    |--P. a. annulata SL89
         |    |--P. a. ciliata SL89
         |    |--P. a. serapica SL89
         |    `--P. a. subannulata SL89
         |--P. imbricata SL89
         `--P. marginipes [=Platycnemis marginipes, incl. Pl. lacteola, Psilocnemis striatipes] SL89

*Type species of generic name indicated


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