Judas' ear shell Ellobium aurisjudae, copyright Ron Yeo.

Belongs within: Heterobranchia.
Contains: Siphonarioidea, Hygrophila, Systellommatophora, Stylommatophora, Melampinae, Pythiinae.

The Pulmonata are a group of gastropods characterised by modification of the mantle cavity into a vascularised 'pallial lung' allowing direct gas exchange with the air, and the concommitant loss of the gills. As such, the group includes the majority of terrestrial gastropods, forming the clade Eupulmonata. It also includes a number of primarily aquatic lineages commonly grouped as the Basommatophora, though this latter group is of uncertain monophyly.

Pulmonata [Adelopneumona, Aeropneusta, Archaeopulmonata, Limnophila, Limnophilidae, Petrophila, Pulmonifera]
    |  i. s.: Promenetus B97
    |           |--P. exacuous (Say 1821) P88
    |           `--P. umbilicatellus (Cockerell 1887) P88
    |--Basommatophora BR05
    |    |--Siphonarioidea BR05
    |    |--Hygrophila BR05
    |    `--Amphibolidae [Amphibolacea, Amphibolida, Amphiboliformes, Amphiboliformii, Amphiboloidea] BR05
    |         |--Ampullacera Quoy & Gaimard 1832 [Ampullacerae, Ampullaceridae] BR05
    |         |--Amphibola Schumacher 1817 BR05
    |         |    `--A. crenata O81
    |         `--Salinator Hedley 1900 [Salinatoridae] BR05
    |              |--S. fragilis (Lamarck 1822) [=Ampullaria fragilis] H09
    |              `--S. solida GO06
    `--Eupulmonata [Acteophila, Actophila, Akteophila] BR05
         |--Systellommatophora BR05
         |--Stylommatophora BR05
         |--Otinoidea BR05
         |    |--Otina Gray 1847 [Otinidae, Otininae] BR05
         |    `--Smeagol Climo 1980 [Smeagolidae, Smeagolina] BR05
         |         `--S. manneringi Climo 1980 APS-P86
         |--Trimusculidae [Trimusculoidea] BR05
         |    |--Trimusculus Schmidt 1818 [Trimusculinae] BR05
         |    `--Gadinia Gray 1824 BR05 (see below for synonymy)
         |         |--*G. peruviana O27
         |         |--G. nivea Hutton 1878 [incl. Hipponyx hexagonus] F27
         |         `--G. reticulata (Sowerby 1835) [=Mouretia reticulata] O27
         `--Ellobiidae [Auriculoidea, Ellobiacea, Ellobioidea] BR05
              |  i. s.: Marinula M54
              |           |--M. filholi HS01
              |           |--M. patula (Lowe 1835) [=Melampus patulus] H09
              |           |--M. striata Odhner 1924 [incl. Cremnobates parva Swainson 1855] F27
              |           `--M. xanthostoma M54
              |         Phytia Gray 1821 O27
              |           |--*P. denticulata [=Alexia denticulata] O27
              |           `--P. setifer Cooper 1872 O27
              |         Allochroa layardi (Adams & Adams 1855) T13
              |--Melampinae BR05
              |--Pythiinae W97
              |--Zaptychius Walcott 1883 [Zaptychiinae] BR05
              |    `--Z. quanshengxigouensis ZZ88
              |--Pedipedinae W97
              |    |--Microtralia alba (Gassies 1865) [=Ellobium (Auriculodes) album] W97
              |    `--Pedipes Férussac 1821 BR05
              |         |--*P. afer O27
              |         |--P. liratus Binney 1860 O27
              |         `--P. unisulcatus Cooper 1866 O27
              |--Carychiinae [Carychiadae, Carychiidae] BR05
              |    |--Zospeum Bourguignat 1856 [Zospeidae] BR05
              |    |    `--Z. exiguum (Kuščer 1932) BV86
              |    `--Carychium Müller 1773 BR05
              |         |--C. exile BP90
              |         |    |--C. e. exile BP90
              |         |    `--C. e. canadense BP90
              |         |--C. floridanum BP90
              |         |--C. nannodes BP90
              |         `--C. stygium BP90
              `--Ellobiinae W97
                   |--Auricula Lamarck 1799 [Amphibiae, Auriculacea, Auriculea, Auriculidae, Auriculinae] BR05
                   |--Leucophytia Winckworth 1949 [Leucophytiidae] BR05
                   `--Ellobium Röding 1798 W97
                        |--*E. aurisjudae (Linnaeus 1758) [=Bulla aurisjudae] W97
                        |--E. aurismidae Linnaeus 1767 [=Bulla aurismidae] W97
                        |--E. chinense (Pfeiffer 1855) W97
                        |--E. helvaceum (Pfeiffer 1876) [=Auriculus helvaceus] H09
                        |--E. polita (Metcalfe 1851) W97
                        `--E. semisculptum Adams & Adams 1854 [=E. (Auriculodes) semisculptum] W97

Gadinia Gray 1824 BR05 [incl. Mouretia Sowerby 1834 O27, Rowellia Cooper 1865 O27; Gadiniadae, Gadiniidae, Gadiniinae, Gadinioidea]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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