Spiny water starwort Callitriche palustris, copyright A. Mrkvicka.

Belongs within: Lamiales.
Contains: Hebe, Gratioleae, Veronica, Plantaginaceae.

The Veronicaceae is a clade supported by molecular analysis, most of whose members were previously included in the Scrophulariaceae (Olmstead et al. 2001). This clade may be more correctly labelled the Plantaginaceae, but Olmstead et al. (2001) preferred to reserve that name for the smaller clade of plantains (previously recognised as a separate family).

    |  i. s.: Hebe BK04
    |         Wulfenia Jacquin 1781 M-OA03
    |         Synthyris Bentham 1846 M-OA03
    |         Besseya Rydberg 1903 M-OA03
    |--+--Gratioleae OP01
    |  `--Angelonia [Angelonieae] OP01
    |       `--A. pubescens OP01
    `--+--Cheloneae OP01
       |    |--Tetranema mexicana OP01
       |    `--+--Chelone obliqua OP01
       |       `--Collinsieae OP01
       |            |--Tonella OP01
       |            `--Collinsia OP01
       |                 |--C. grandiflora OP01
       |                 `--C. torreyi C96
       `--+--Antirrhinum [Antirrhinaceae, Antirrhineae, Antirrhinoideae] OP01
          |    |--A. majus OP01
          |    |--A. molle D37
          |    |--A. orontium C55b
          |    `--A. rhinanthoides [=A. majus × A. molle] D37
          `--+--+--Hippuris [Hippuridaceae] OP01
             |  |    `--H. vulgaris OP01
             |  `--Callitriche Linnaeus 1753 OP01, A61 [Callitrichaceae]
             |       |--C. antarctica Engelm. ex Hegel. 1867 A61
             |       |--C. aucklandica Mason 1959 A61
             |       |--C. cophocarpa GR98
             |       |--C. hermaphroditica OP01
             |       |--C. muelleri Sond. 1856 [incl. C. macropteryx Hegel. 1864, C. microphylla Col. 1888] A61
             |       |--C. palustris O88
             |       |--C. petriei Allan 1961 [incl. C. muelleri var. obtusangula Kirk 1899] A61
             |       |    |--C. p. ssp. petriei A61
             |       |    `--C. p. ssp. chathamensis Mason 1959
             |       |--C. pulchra GR98
             |       |--C. stagnalis Scop. 1772 A61
             |       |--C. truncata GR98
             |       |    |--C. t. ssp. truncata GR98
             |       |    `--C. t. ssp. occidentalis GR98
             |       `--C. verna C55b
             `--+--Globularieae [Globulariaceae] OP01
                |    |--Poskea OP01
                |    `--Globularia OP01
                |         |--G. cordifolia OP01
                |         |--G. nudicaulis C55a
                |         `--G. punctata H91
                `--+--+--Hemiphragma [Hemiphragmieae] OP01
                   |  |    `--H. heterophyllum OP01
                   |  `--+--Veronica OP01
                   |     `--Plantaginaceae OP01
                   `--Digitalis [Digitaleae] OP01
                        |--D. ambigua D37
                        |--D. grandiflora OP01
                        |--D. lanata D37
                        |--D. lutea D37
                        |--D. mertonensis D37
                        |--D. micrantha D37
                        `--D. purpurea OP01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[M-OA03] Martínez-Ortega, M. M., & D. C. Albach. 2003. (1593) Proposal to conserve the name Veronica cinerea Boiss. & Balansa against Veronica cinerea Raf. (Scrophulariaceae). Taxon 52: 375-376.

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