Rhodian serpentinite garlic Allium rhodiacum, copyright Volker Kummer.

Belongs within: Liliidae.

Allium is a genus of odoriferous bulbous herbs found mainly in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere (though a number of species have become widespread as invasive weeds). Several species, such as the onion Allium cepa and garlic Allium sativum, are cultivated for food.

Characters (from Healy & Edgar 1980): Green or glaucous scapose perennials with onion- or garlic-like odour. Bulb tunicate, solitary, or often with stipitate offset bulbs. Leaves 1-many, all basal, sheathing scapes to varying levels, usually linear, solid or hollow. Flowers white, yellow or pink, campanulate, in few- to many-flowered terminal involucrate umbels, spathe-valves 2, more or less united; bulbils often present between flowers, occasionally replacing them; perianth-segments free or more or less connate at base. Staminal-filaments simple, divided, or with lateral appendages. Capsule ovoid to globose, three-lobed, loculicidal. Seeds black, more or less angular or flat, usually 6.

<==Allium [Allieae]
    |--A. (sect. Codonoprasum) brulloi Salmeri 1998 S98
    `--A. sect. Scorodon S98
         |--A. chalkii S98
         `--A. rhodiacum S98

Allium incertae sedis:
  A. ambiguum C55b
  A. ammophilum D37
  A. ampeloprasum HE80
  A. carolinianum O88
  A. cepa RG04
    |--A. c. var. cepa RG04
    `--A. c. var. ascalonicum RG04
  A. commutatum PT98
  A. cupani Rafinesque 1810 PL04
    |--A. c. ssp. cupani PT98
    `--A. c. ssp. hirtovaginatum PT98
  A. fallax C55a
  A. fasciculatum O88
  A. fistulosum RG04
  A. flavum PT98
    |--A. f. ssp. flavum PT98
    `--A. f. ssp. tauricum PT98
  A. hypsistum O88
  A. neapolitanum Cyrillo 1788 HE80
  A. pallens PT98
  A. paniculatum H91
  A. platakisii S98
  A. porrum RG04
  A. prattii O88
  A. przewalskianum O88
  A. roseum Linnaeus 1753 HE80
    |--A. r. ssp. roseum HE80
    `--A. r. ssp. bulbiferum (de Candolle) Warburg in Clapham, Tutin & Warburg 1952 HE80
  A. sativum RG04
  A. schoenoprasum RG04
    |--A. s. var. schoenoprasum RG04
    `--A. s. var. foliosum RG04
  A. scorodoprasum [incl. A. ophioscordon] C55b
  A. sikkimense O88
  A. sipyleum [incl. A. exile] S98
  A. sphaerocephalon Linnaeus 1753 PL04
    |--A. s. ssp. sphaerocephalon PL04
    `--A. s. ssp. trachypus (Boissier & Spruner) Stearn 1978 PL04
  A. subhirsutum PT98
  A. tardans S98
  A. triquetrum Linnaeus 1753 HE80
  A. tuberosum RG04
  A. victorialis C55a
  A. vineale Linnaeus 1753 HE80
    |--A. v. var. vineale HE80
    `--A. v. var. compactum HE80
  A. wallichii O88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[S98] Salmeri, C. 1998. Allium brulloi (Alliaceae), a new species from Astypalea (Aegean Islands, Greece). Willdenowia 28: 69-76.

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