Tydeus sp., copyright Leena Leskinen.

Belongs within: Eupodides.
Contains: Procurvata.

The Tydeidae are a diverse group of free-living mites, many of which are notably resistant to desiccation. They may be more or less omnivorous in diet, with some species having been recorded feeding on a variety of animal, plant or fungal foods (Walter et al. 2009).

Characters (from Walter et al. 2009): Median eyespot and naso absent. Movable digit of chelicerae stylet-like. Legs I with claws; tarsus I without famulus, solenidia erect. Epimeral seta 3d usually present. Adults with two pairs of genital papillae; males without aedeagus.

    |--Australotydeus [Australotydeinae] AF00
    |    `--A. kirstenae AF00
    `--+--Procurvata AF00
       `--+--Pretydeinae AF00
          |    |--Prelorryia indoniensis AF00, A05
          |    `--Pretydeus panitae AF00, A05
          `--Tydeinae AF00
               |--Afrotydeus Baker 1970 ACW01, A05
               |    `--A. munsteri ACW01
               |--Calotydeus Oudemans 1937 [incl. Homeotydeus André 1980, Pseudolorryia Kaźmierski 1989] A05
               |    |--*C. croceus (Linnaeus 1758) (see below for synonymy) A05
               |    |--‘Homeotydeus’ shawi ACW01
               |    `--C. xylocopae Oudemans 1926 A05
               |--Lorryia Oudemans 1925 A05
               |    |--*L. superba Oudemans 1925 A05
               |    |--L. concinnus Oudemans 1929 A05
               |    |--L. ferula WL09
               |    |--L. floridensis ACW01
               |    |--L. formosa ACW01
               |    |--L. mali Oudemans 1929 A05
               |    |--L. marcandrei ACW01
               |    |--L. montrealensis WL09
               |    |--L. pulcher Oudemans 1929 A05
               |    |--L. reticulata (Oudemans 1928) A05 [=Tydeus reticulatus A05; incl. L. bedfordensis WL09]
               |    |--L. schusteri K09a
               |    |--L. turrialbensis A05
               |    `--L. woolleyi DW10
               `--Tydeus Koch 1836 [incl. Orthotydeus André 1980] A05
                    |--*T. spathulatus Oudemans 1928 [=Orthotydeus spathulatus] A05
                    |--T. bakeri K90
                    |--‘Orthotydeus’ bkaasifrini Bayan 1986 ACW01
                    |--T. californicus K90 [=Orthotydeus californicus ACW01]
                    |--T. caudatus (Dugès 1834) [=Tetranychus caudatus, Orthotydeus caudatus] A05
                    |--T. curtus Berlese 1910 SB63
                    |--T. foliorum [=Acarus foliorum; incl. Ty. albellus, Tetranychus virburni] CF77
                    |--T. gloveri [=Orthotydeus gloveri] ACW01
                    |--T. goetzi A05
                    |--T. interruptus Z91
                    |--T. kochi Oudemans 1928 (n. d.) [=Orthotydeus kochi] A05
                    |--‘Orthotydeus’ lindquisti WP99
                    |--T. molestus WL09
                    |--T. mumai ACW01
                    |--T. mutabilis Koch 1838 A05
                    |--T. nicaraguensis M-PV-G01
                    |--T. nieuwkerkeni André 2005 A05
                    |--T. olivaceus Koch 1838 A05
                    |--T. shawi ACW01
                    |--T. tilbrooki K09b
                    |--T. tuttlei Baker 1965 A05
                    |--T. velox Koch 1836 (n. d.) A05
                    `--T. xylocopae A05

Tydeidae incertae sedis:
  Paralorryia Baker 1965 A05
  Tectotydeus Oudemans 1937 A05
    `--*T. demeyeri (Oudemans 1929) [=Tydeus demeyeri] A05
  Brachytydeus Thor 1931 [incl. Raphitydeus Thor 1933] A05
    `--*B. cruciatus (Koch 1838) [=Tydeus cruciatus, Lorryia cruciata] A05
  Stylotydeus Thor 1933 A05
  Lasiotydaeus Berlese 1908 A05
  Eotydeus A05
  Pertydeus A05
  Melissotydeus macrosolenus André 1985 A05
  Venilia liberta K90
  Pronematulus pyrrohippeus WP99

*Calotydeus croceus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Acarus croceus, Homeotydeus croceus, Orthotydeus croceus, Pseudolorryia crocea, Tydeus croceus] A05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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